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I wanted to travel…

I was surfing some places a while ago and thought I would blog this.

Ever since I became interested in maps which was during my high school years, I told myself, I will travel the Philippines and the world.  A dreamer! Hahaha!

I became more interested in geography that I would always check each country’s information and calculate the distances from each other.   Well, not all countries though.   I was more interested  with the countries in Western Europe. I want to go there not just to meet the people and to check places but to sample  authentic food as well.  I want to go to Italy for its pasta, pizza and gelato, Switzerland for its chocolates, Spain for its paella and tapas and France for its foie gras, crepes and macarons to name a few.

Recently, there’s one country I have been dreaming to see.  Well, I haven’t tasted any of its food yet but this picture is enough for me to visit it.    Guess, where it is.  🙂

(Photo from


Calling my friend, Jay!  Please bring me here.  Hehehe!!!