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Inasmuch as I want to have fresh posts (that is, one that happened during the day) in my blog, due to time constraints and my full-time job, I can’t .

Today is an exemption.  Yay!  So without too much babbling, here’s a story of today.

My mother, my sister (Azha) and her friend visited my other sister, Kei in Makati whom we haven’t seen for more than a month as she was on a holiday vacation to visit her parents-in-law in Spain.  She hadn’t had time yet to visit us in Pampanga as his husband is still busy with work, so we took the chance to meet her while they are in Manila.

We were glad to be welcomed with a delicious lunch that  she cooked.  She was proud of it as she told us she learned the recipe of the Spanish Paella from her mother-in-law.

Kei while preparing the dishes. She doesn’t want to have a picture taken of her so I took this one instead.  She kept on saying she gained weight particularly now that she ate a lot from her last vacation but the truth is she is still as slim as the time she left for the trip.

Her version of Spanish Paella.  It was very tasty but we all made the same comment that the rice wasn’t cooked well.  She told us though that in Spain it is cooked that way.  We never contested that and just enjoyed the dish and loved it!

It’s funny that she wanted us to enjoy the meal she’s serving us,  that’s why while enjoying her Paella, she grilled steak and served it to us with Pimientos and french fries. What a heavy lunch we had!  I regret that I am really having difficulty resisting food now.  So, help me!  LOL

It’s cool that the foods she cooked are far better than the ones we normally have in other restaurants.  Good cooking really runs in our blood. Hehe!   Orange juice and Coffee was served after.  We had Turrones for dessert.

Thanks, Kei for the lunch.  The food and the “chikas” we had compensated my canceled appointment. 😉