My Cycle…LOL

LOL. It’s indeed funny that I thought I can keep up with an active blog when I started this one.  I can’t help but laugh at myself while writing this.  I was only able to blog for two days!  How’s that? Is it procrastination or something else? But, fortunately, I was able to post  seven entries.  At least, there’s something to read for.  Haha!

A friend of mine would always tell me I have this CYCLE. One day, I would talk about blogging – how I love to read blogs and have my own.  To write about what’s on my mind and share what’s going on with my life.  I even thought of writing a novel that it made me buy a Tagalog love story book for me to get an idea.  After reading it,  I had a readied plot  for my own novel which just ended there. LOL

Few days later, I would be talking about baking – my dream of having my own bakeshop or specialty/gourmet shop. If I am on this cycle, I would be always browsing Heny Sison, Sylvia Reynoso, ISCAHM, CCA and name it sites for possible short courses to study.  It didn’t stop there for I make it happn and enrol to a number of courses to enhance my current skills.  I am proud though that I was able to sell goodies and even wedding cakes for those persistent friends who bug me to bake for them. 😉

Weeks after,  my mind is preoccupied with photography – how I love capturing great landscapes, expressions of people, etc.  Fortunately though, I didn’t end up buying my own DSLR and enrolling in a photography class which I planned to, mind you.  I just feel nowadays that too many people are into this hobby and I don’t feel like joining them at this time.

Months after, it ‘s all about make-up – me, being a make-up artist.  I would tell my friend how I want all the brides in the world to be very pretty on their wedding day.  I have seen worst make-up on beautiful brides and no editing can do justice to correct it. Haha! It’s like I’m in for a mission.

Those are just a few of the things that go with my cycle. I can enumerate more but there’s only one thing that I know of. It all has to do with ARTS.  And with that I am pretty sure I’ll end up being successful in one of its fields.

Make a guess. What cycle am I in now. 😛


New inspiration

Now, more than ever I should be more inspired to work out.  I just purchased this cool pair of rubber shoes and it fits comfortably on my feet. Its color is also one of my favorites.  That actually is what caught my attention and decided to buy it.

I am not into sneakers nor rubber shoes. I am surprised that this pair is already my third buy for the year. My justification for each purchase is for me to lose weight.  Let’s see if this last one will be justified.

Rubber Shoes and Body Sculpture.  I should be fit by February as I heard my sister’s wedding will push through on that month.

Can’t wait to start running tomorrow!

Crickets, Pork Strip and Pinakurat!

I just finished my dinner and this what I ate.  Crickets and fried pork strips dipped with Pinakurat.  Pinakurat is my latest favorite condiment.  I have tried it with steamed prawns and fried fish.  Now,  it was crickets and pork. It always disappoint me for I keep on adding more rice to my plate!  I should keep it out my sight so I will not be enticed to eat more.

Crickets up close – sorry for the blurred pic.  Macro set-up of the cam is not working well.

Diet forgotten, stomach full so here am I blogging again.

Happy Birthday, Sarang!

Today is the birthday of a CHATTERBOX – my 3rd to the youngest sister, MARICAR a.k.a as Sarang to our immediate family, Kei to our relatives and Koch or Kochee to her classmates and friends.

If one would call me as always confused and fickle-minded, you have to meet her to find the true meaning of those words. She’s the only person who could beat me at that. She would change her decisions every few seconds that at times I often give up talking to her. Hehehe!

She is the most kikay and poised among us. I still have to convince her though to be bold when it comes to fashion and not just stick to the basics.

Kei will always be the family’s 2nd mom. Why? That’s a secret of the family. 😉 She’s dearly missed at home because of that.

When it comes to family, we are not vocal of our praises. But today is an exception as I will be complimenting her.  I’ve been with this gal through her younger years (attending to her ballet lessons, curling her hair and doing make-up in all her recognition days and graduation, except for the one in college where I was her cook for the party) and have seen her grown up into a fine lady – a pretty, smart and intelligent woman (she’s the one behind the WIDUS Int’l and Hotel Vida).

She has to give-up her career though in the name of love. LOL. Does this thing still exist? Well, I guess since she’s confined herself in the mountains of Nasugbu, Batangas!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEI!!! I am and will forever be proud to be your Ate. 😀


Hablo español un poquito. Those are a few words I will forever remember from my six units of Spanish back in college (not long timeago…hehehe) when I took it as my language elective. Same with any other skills, it is easy to forget a language learned if one has never practised it. I had only a chance to speak with a true Español when I met one in an Internet Cafe of my friend about 8 years ago. We exchanged a few words in Spanish and that was my only experience with it until my sister, Maricar met her fiance, Mikel who hails from Bilbao, Spain. He can speak English well so talking to him in Spanish is futile.

However, my family and I were challenged when we met Mikel’s parents at Club Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas last November 30. They can’t understand English and their friend Luz (pronounced LUTH as she repeated a couple of times) is their translator. Although, she can only speak and understand a little English, she was a lifesaver to us. And I was glad that I had to dig those Spanish words such as viajo, gusta, abuelo and abuela from my memory bank.

my sisters L-R: Mylene, Me, Maritza, Maureen and Manel with Luz (red-haired) and Mikel’s mom
It was so much fun talking to them and at the end of the day, our family felt their warmth which made us think we’ve known each other for quite a while. Language will never be a barrier for persons who will always care.
sis, ma and tang and Mikel’s mama and papa
my whole family – wrong outfit for me!

Invasion of Mikel’s office -you should have seen his face when we entered it.  LOL

All ready for a late lunch of pizza, risotto and pasta.  I really have to lose weight!

Cute Danny, another Español from Barcelona and one of the managers in the club, I think! He can claim as a younger brother of Mikel as they have resemblance.   He told me he’s  a part owner of a restaurant in Manila.

That’s it for today!


I am dying to lose weight! That’s what I alwaystell myself and everyone else who is ready to hear that. It has been my goal for years now. And people close to me would just laugh about it for it never has materialized. What’s worse is I am gaining instead of losing pounds as the years pass by. See for yourself.





Who wants to be chubby? I don’t want to that’s I am in for a goal to lose 18 lbs. in 3 months. It’s very feasible as I have enough time to work on looking like this:


I am fond of reading blogs and it is my dream to have one.  I have tried several times for the past years to maintain one on different sites but have been a failure.  I would only post one entry for each and would eventually forget about it.  Today, I decided to try this site and hopefully will be able to update it often.  So for now, I’ll keep my fingers crossed as I enter the world of blogging.