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Despidida @ C’ Italian

I work in a BPO industry and we’re changing teams/shifts next week.  This calls for different people to work with as others are moving to different teams.

To celebrate the good times we had in the team, my team asked me to join them in a “food trip”, a long overdue plan at C’ Italian in Friendship Avenue in Angeles City.  I have been in this restaurant a couple of times with different set of friends and family.  I even had a double date in its garden while a band was playing and stars are glowing. Romantic, huh? LOL.

Pictures are essential while dining out nowadays.  Especially for me who wouldn’t  want to miss moments and pictures of good food.   So, while ordering and waiting for JB and Jlyn and the food we ordered, I took time to take pictures.  Forgive me for the low resolution of the pictures. I was experimenting on my camera and used the 3200 ISO. LOL.

Our first set of orders –  Panizza Kristina @ P655 on the lower right side and  Panizza Millionario @ P695  on lower left side.   The usual bread and pesto dip was served just like any other Italian restaurants here.  Extra order of Alfafa and Arugula is P99.  You may be wondering what’s on the upper right side of this picture. Well, wonder no more, as that is just my panizza strip filled with alfalfa and arugula, rolled and bitten.  LOL

Spaghetti Con Fruitti de Mare (Fruit of the Sea) @ P590 and  Gnocchi Bolognia @ 750.   It was my first time to try gnocchi so I wondered how it tasted.  I loved it! I want anything starchy and soft and “tomatoey”.  LOL.  Wikipedia says Gnocchi (English pronunciation: /ˈnɒki, ˈnjɒki/; Italian: [ˈɲɔkːi]; N’YO-kee; singular gnocco) are various thick, soft dumplings. They may be made from semolina, ordinary wheat flour, potato, bread crumbs, or similar ingredients. The smaller forms are called gnocchetti.”

Risotto Kristina @ P720.  If there’s one dish that I love to eat in Italian restaurants, it’s risotto.  Told ya, I like anything starchy. My mind is whispering and telling me it’s actually anything carbo. Hahah!  On the right side of the picture are strips of the two panizzas.

Pictures of us.  This is another wonderful experience at C’ Italian. Again, I wasn’t disappointed so are the first-timers here.  😀


Is summer over?

I’ve been meaning to post this last week  but I couldn’t find the right time as I was busy with baking and preparing for my niece’s 7th birthday party.   Added to that is the no internet connection on places I’ve been to.

It has been raining the past week I left Pampanga and I was lucky to have another close-up pictures taken on my current favorite tree, the Flame Tree.  This tree is just near our office so on one of our breaks, my team and I decided to head to Mini-stop and pass by this beautiful tree to have a glimpse of it and a picture taken. On our way back to the office, raindrops started to pour.  If I remember it correctly, it started raining last May 29.  It rained daily until I left Pampanga  on June 5.  I have no idea if it rained still after that.  I guess, El Nino has ended and we’re welcoming La Nina now.  I just hope not too much rain nor typhoon.

Isn’t the tree very lovely? With its vibrant red-orange color, who would not be awed by its beauty?

I felt I was in another country when I saw the soil topped with fallen petals.  Actually, I always feel there’s autumn season in Clark Field, Pampanga when some trees change their colors and leaves start to fall. Hahah!
Click the picture to see Abbey’s smile. Heheh!
Abbey, Me & JB
Abbey, Jlyn & JB
Yours truly.  Have a “flame tree” weekend and enjoy the rest of the summer!

GA @ work

Gone were those days when we were still under “AOL internal contact center” and we all look forward to our GAs.  This morning we had our GA, after being bought by eTelecare on September 19, 2007 and followed by Stream Global for more than a year now, a lot of things have changed and that include activities around our site and the reception or feelings of the employees celebrating the activities.

Our HR department still tries to make our activities worthy of  even if the site’s atmosphere is getting gloomy everyday. This day is no exemption. 

Filipinos love eating and are fond of taking pictures of themselves.  So to add fun to the GA, Stream invited Milo and Zagu to give free drinks and Dunkin Donuts to give snacks.  A photo booth was  also available for those who wants to have unlimited shots. 

Based on my observation though, the “add-ons” on the GA didn’t motivate the employees and left the atmosphere still sad…

Here are a few pictures to share…

Me with my fellow coaches, team leaders now team managers (what’s next after two new titles?), Rochelle and Joni.

Okay, this what we got! 😀

One of the interesting booths we had.  Aetas selling their fresh produce. I heard they were able to sell most of them.

the kids in us…

Last night after my shift, my sisters, our friend and I had a date.  We all met up at SM Clark around 8 PM.  It’s easy for my youngest sister and I to go there as we are both working in Clark.  We planned on watching the last full show of “Here Comes the Bride”.

On our way to the cinema, we passed by “World of Fun”.  Manel and Tin “nagged” me and Mye to try a game/ride at World of Fun. They told us we would enjoy the experience and that it’s somewhat similar to Rialto in Enchanted Kingdom.  Oh well, Mye and I both gave in after being “pestered” by them. LOL. 

 Mye, Manel and Tin while waiting for our “ride”. 

Mye with our mini rider.  There was a couple inside before us.  Can you see the guy’s hand in the rider?

It was our turn! We need to wear seatbelts. It was as if we’re going somewhere farther. Hahaha!

 Yay! The game and ride was about to start.  We chose number 3 which is a Space Roller Coaster.  It was fun indeed for I have a partner who kept shouting! Haha! The ride could have been better and more realistic though if I was not seeing bright light on my lower left side from the outside.

 On another story, since I am talking about games and being kids, last year my colleagues and I went to an off-site team building and went crazy over Lazer Xtreme in Market! Market! in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

 It was cool seeing the leaders in their vests and laser guns.  LOL. This group was my team’s enemy. 


My group.  There was a father and son who joined our team and they were good so we WON! Yay! There was no price though. 😛

 I love this game! It is a great way to really lose weight. Look at all our hair! They were a mess after so much perspiration from running and fighting even if the whole gameroom is fully airconditioned.  This is a must try for groups having team building or for friends who just want to go bonding.  It’s a lot of fun because there are times you get confused on who your enemies are. Hahah! 

Credit:  Lazer Xtreme photos are from Joy’s camera.

Fire Trees = Flame Trees

Even if the sun’s heat is deeply hurting  our skin these days,  there are still a lot of things to enjoy during summer days.  I know that beach and swimming  are the first few things that come to our to mind since summer will not be complete without having a trip to the best beaches in our county. 

Oh! I am getting off-topic. LOL.  Actually, not really since I’ve been meaning to post these beautiful trees with flowers covering their branches as they make my summer days refreshing. 

I’ve been working in Clark  Field, Pampanga for almost 11 years now and these trees never cease to impress me.  Just looking at them while I travel daily, 5 days a week on a very hot afternoon shift,  brightens my day.  They remind me of a folklore on the evolution of the these trees that I read in a Reading textbook in Grade 4.  It was a love story that  at a  young age taught me about loving and losing.  Hahah! 

Look at how high the sun is from this picture.   It was almost 2 PM when I took this picture.  Can you see the leaves and the flowers? 

I remember these trees were named as Fire Trees in the book . Until today, I use that term when I refer to them.   But now, while searching for that folklore I read, I discovered on different sites that they are called FLAME  TREES and not fire trees.   Whenever I share to my friends what their names are, they would just say, “OH or Really?”!  I guess they really never catch their attention. 

Let me tour you to the beautiful roads on my way to work where the flame trees make my trip shorter and enjoyable.

The first set of trees welcoming you on the not-so-busy and clean roads of Clark. 

Getting closer….

And closer…

Yay! I was able to capture one that was a little bit close-up.  Don’t they just look like cherry blossoms in a different color?  😉

 Oh! Here’s another close-up pic that is located at the entrance of Philexcel.


 Btw, the flowers are not just red-orange in colors.  The picture below shows a different variety –  a yellow one but of a same specie.  The picture was taken in Minalin, Pampanga.  I have observed yesterday that Clark also has a few of them but the flowers are not as vibrant yet as the one below. 


Flame trees are actually Delonix regiao.  They are also known to some as arbol de fuego.  Wikipedia says that “Delonix regia is a species of flowering plant from the Fabaceae family, noted for its fern-like leaves and flamboyant display of flowers. Often grown as an ornamental tree and given the name Royal Poinciana or Flamboyant, it is also known as Gulmohar (Hindi and Urdu), KrishnachuRa (Bengali), Malinche, and Tabachine[1], and one of several named the Flame tree. The species was previously placed in a genus Poinciana, named for Phillippe de Longvilliers de Poincy who is credited with introducing the plant to the Americas.”

So, if you weren’t able to have a beach outing, don’t despair for there are ways to do it.  Enjoy the beauty of our nature!