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One rainy day…

I was cleaning my pictures from my camera and saw these.  It was a month ago when I went to for a check-up at St. Catherine and rain was pouring hard when I left the hospital so I decided to stop at a nearby mall, Nepo mall.  It was already past 2 PM and I hadn’t had  lunch anyway. So I decided to have it at Pizza Hut and ordered the following.

Cream of chicken soup (it’s a creamy soup that’s loaded with chicken and topped with pesto). I love it for I like anything with cream and pesto.  For my beverage I ordered a soda with cherry and kiwi flavor.

While waiting for my main dish, a power interruption happened. This is maybe due to the heavy rain.  I took this opportunity to take pictures for it’s seldom that you experience a “no generator” in an international chain of restaurant.  The customers were given 2 candles per table to give light to the dim dining area.  I would have appreciated this more if there was someone with me (a date, maybe…LOL), but I was all alone in a gloomy weather and somewhat “romantic” setting.  Hahaha!  Nonetheless, I love how I captured this picture.

My soup and drink  with the candles

Because of the power interruption, I wasn’t able to take a picture of my main dish – Fettuccine Alfredo. I am not fond of creamy pasta so I would not rave about this dish.

For dessert, I had  Mango Panna Cotta. I was supposed to try their Choco Lava but their chef  told the service crew it’s not available.  Actually, when I was asking for desserts, they  informed me there was none available.  It was only their manager that asked the chef to check on the Panna Cotta.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t in the mood to complain for I can’t understand why a power interruption could stop them from serving desserts when all they have to do is get them from their chillers.  DUH!

So this is a one rainy day of the more rainy days to come that I will forever remember with Pizza Hut.  😉



I am dying to lose weight! That’s what I alwaystell myself and everyone else who is ready to hear that. It has been my goal for years now. And people close to me would just laugh about it for it never has materialized. What’s worse is I am gaining instead of losing pounds as the years pass by. See for yourself.





Who wants to be chubby? I don’t want to that’s I am in for a goal to lose 18 lbs. in 3 months. It’s very feasible as I have enough time to work on looking like this:


I am fond of reading blogs and it is my dream to have one.  I have tried several times for the past years to maintain one on different sites but have been a failure.  I would only post one entry for each and would eventually forget about it.  Today, I decided to try this site and hopefully will be able to update it often.  So for now, I’ll keep my fingers crossed as I enter the world of blogging.