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What’s in the box?


Looking at the box below, what do you think is/are the content/s inside?




It looks like a shoe box, right?




So, if it just looks like a shoe box, definitely, shoes are not the ones inside.  Already getting curious?! 

I felt giddy while opening the box when I arrived home after a whole day of food tripping and shopping with Nikki.  My mom even laughed at me and told me I look like a kid being excited in opening a present for she heard me giggling just like a teenager actually. LOL. 

Well, you can’t blame me. A lover of fashion and a bookworm at times, seeing this 1st beautiful cover of the book made me smile.  The Devil Wears Prada.  I love that movie and watched it 3x!  I guess I’ll watch again for who knows how many times more.  Hahaha!  This will be the last book from the box that  I’ll read though as I know the story already. I have this thing for reading the book first before watching the movie, but in this case, I already watched it so excitement has subsided. 

What’s the second surprise?   It’s another book with a sexy, gorgeous embellishments and perfect blue shoe as a cover that made me giggle.   

There’s more!  Another sexy shoe in my favorite color. Oh and a diamond ring!  A perfect combi gift  for a lady. Haha!  Yes, my giggle turned to laughter for this is when my mom already commented on my excitement. Haha again!

I couldn’t agree more.  These are perfect accessories.  How I wish though they are real shoes. 

 By the way, I was searching for books at  National Bookstore when I found this box.  A week before I went there,  I received a newsletter from Powerbooks informing me of sale items for summer and two books caught my attention. I was searching for those two at National Bookstore but couldn’t remember the title and author.  So, I settled to buy the box instead.  Two days after the purchase, I was surprised to find out when I checked on the e-mail again from Powerbooks that  the  two books I was looking for are actually the two inside the box – Everyone Worth Knowing and Chasing Harry Winston!  Isnt’ that cool?!  Well, I guess “we’re just meant to be together”.  Hahaha!  I can’t wait to finish reading them which reminds me I have to turn off my computer now and start reading.  😀


Food trip while shopping

It was sale at SM Clark last April 30 to May 2 and it was my first to time to really maximize my SMAC (SM Advantage Card) as I got an additional 10% off of all the items I purchased in the department store. This promotion was valid from 10 AM to 12 NN on the first day of the sale and was added on top of prices regardless if they were already on sale or not.
It was a good thing I was with my friend, Nikki whom I have been with a lot lately since we started hanging out again a couple of weeks ago for she patiently waited for me in the long queue so I c an pay immediately before 12 NN and get the discount.  
People swarmed the department store.  I was not able to take a picture of it but was glad that I got a discount of almost 2,000 pesos.  Is that not big?  😀
After all purchases were made, Nikki and I decided to eat at Pizza Hut since it was already lunch time.  She told me there’s a combo meal worth 99 pesos only  that would satisfy our tummy which includes an appetizer (a choice of soup or salad),  main dish (pizza or pasta) and a choice of a drink or dessert.   We both decided in having the same dishes. 
While waiting for our orders to arrive,  Nikki modeled for me. :p
Caesar Salad for our appetizer
Pan-size cheeseburger for our main dish
We ordered an extra dishof ravioli filled with cheese and tomato based sauce.  It was very, very delicious!  I may go back to Pizza Hut just for this one and the salad.  Yum!
After lunch, we went on checking more boutiques and ended up buying more. Hehe!  While strolling, we passed by Buko (Young coconut) Expess. This is one of my favorite drinks for its purity and healthiness. 
Nikki with her Buco Shake. This drink was indeed refreshing since SM was becoming hotter with people flocking the mall.
We went strolling again and chanced on this kiosk – Frozen Dipped  Banana.  Nikki got excited!  She told me she’s been dreaming of having this business and was surprised there’s already one in the Philippines. 
Chocolate Frozen Banana with Rice crisps for  Nikki – she was disappointed as she told me it’s not how she expected it to be.
Banana & Strawberry for me! I was looking for Peanut Butter actually but there was none.  This one was yummy.  Looks like a hotdog though with the color. Hehehe!
Nikki and I concluded the shopping date by having dinner at Rai Rai Ken.
My eyes caught Nikki’s necklace (kissing necklace) as my subject. She felt giddy talking about this as the design is the same one that  Jun-pyo gave to Jandi in a Korean version of the Taiwanese version of Meteor Garden of the original Japanese version of Hana Yori Dango. Got it? LOL
Our food was served.   Gyoza!
Seafoods Bento
Green Tea
The food at Rai Rai Ken is affordable as you get quality and delicious dishes. I would definitely go back to this restaurant and order the same Seafoods Bento.  On second thought, I might try their bestsellers – Ramen.
The date was truly a break on the monotony of life.  If we could only go shopping and food-tripping daily. Oh well…

@ Wine Shop in Clark – before heading to the wedding reception

Mikel, being a true Spanish is fond of drinking wine. It’s a must for him to always have a drink in every meal. So our lunch was no exception. He brought us to the Wine Shop in Clark to purchase several bottles of red, white and sparkling wines before heading to the reception place. 
Now, what do I do with a camera on hand and peeps roaming around the shop waiting for the purchases to be completed?  You guess it right. I took pictures of the shop as well as the people inside it who happens to be my family. 😀