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What’s in the box?


Looking at the box below, what do you think is/are the content/s inside?




It looks like a shoe box, right?




So, if it just looks like a shoe box, definitely, shoes are not the ones inside.  Already getting curious?! 

I felt giddy while opening the box when I arrived home after a whole day of food tripping and shopping with Nikki.  My mom even laughed at me and told me I look like a kid being excited in opening a present for she heard me giggling just like a teenager actually. LOL. 

Well, you can’t blame me. A lover of fashion and a bookworm at times, seeing this 1st beautiful cover of the book made me smile.  The Devil Wears Prada.  I love that movie and watched it 3x!  I guess I’ll watch again for who knows how many times more.  Hahaha!  This will be the last book from the box that  I’ll read though as I know the story already. I have this thing for reading the book first before watching the movie, but in this case, I already watched it so excitement has subsided. 

What’s the second surprise?   It’s another book with a sexy, gorgeous embellishments and perfect blue shoe as a cover that made me giggle.   

There’s more!  Another sexy shoe in my favorite color. Oh and a diamond ring!  A perfect combi gift  for a lady. Haha!  Yes, my giggle turned to laughter for this is when my mom already commented on my excitement. Haha again!

I couldn’t agree more.  These are perfect accessories.  How I wish though they are real shoes. 

 By the way, I was searching for books at  National Bookstore when I found this box.  A week before I went there,  I received a newsletter from Powerbooks informing me of sale items for summer and two books caught my attention. I was searching for those two at National Bookstore but couldn’t remember the title and author.  So, I settled to buy the box instead.  Two days after the purchase, I was surprised to find out when I checked on the e-mail again from Powerbooks that  the  two books I was looking for are actually the two inside the box – Everyone Worth Knowing and Chasing Harry Winston!  Isnt’ that cool?!  Well, I guess “we’re just meant to be together”.  Hahaha!  I can’t wait to finish reading them which reminds me I have to turn off my computer now and start reading.  😀


New inspiration

Now, more than ever I should be more inspired to work out.  I just purchased this cool pair of rubber shoes and it fits comfortably on my feet. Its color is also one of my favorites.  That actually is what caught my attention and decided to buy it.

I am not into sneakers nor rubber shoes. I am surprised that this pair is already my third buy for the year. My justification for each purchase is for me to lose weight.  Let’s see if this last one will be justified.

Rubber Shoes and Body Sculpture.  I should be fit by February as I heard my sister’s wedding will push through on that month.

Can’t wait to start running tomorrow!