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A Monday date with my family @ Greenbelt

Yesterday, I got another date.  This time it was with my father, mother, my two sisters – Kei and Manel and Manel’s friend, Tin (who is considered part of the family as she’s always with us on any of our family events…hehe).

We watched Expendables at Greenbelt 3, Cinema 5 at past 2 pm.   Prior to that,  we had a heavy lunch at my sister’s place which is just a few minute walk from the mall.

Kei bought us something to munch at the movie house even if we were still full .  There were not much choices near the cinema so we settled @ Muscle Beach where popcorns and lemonades are sold.  She bought popcorns and lemonades of course.  I got the Lime flavored Lemonade (isn’t that redundant? lol).  It was too sour for me.   Popcorn doesn’t go well with lemonades as I expected.  It will forever be popcorn and Coke for me.  😉

My parents while waiting for our orders.

We all liked the movie especially my father as he is fond of action flicks.  I remember when we were younger, my sisters and I used to watch Rambo movies with him and we enjoyed them a lot.

Here’s the official trailer.

And for more information about the movie starring and directed by Sylvester Stallone, you can check Wiki here.


Eclipse & Filipinos

I watched Eclipse today at SM Clark with my youngest sister, Mylene and we were both frustrated! Frustrated not with the movie but with the people watching it and place where we viewed it.

Even on its  3rd or 4th day with two cinemas  available at SM to choose from,  people of different ages swarmed the place.  Yes, I anticipated that the movie house is full on a Saturday as the movie is a phenomenal success as the previous ones (Twilight & New Moon).  But what I did not anticipate are teenagers nicely seated in the aisle/stairs chit-chatting while the movie is starting. Oh well, I just had to be myself and glared at them while saying in Pampango “Nanu, mipagkwento ta namo?!” (Okay, are we just gonna be chatting here?!)

I also didn’t expect a noisy couple seated next to me (my sister was seated 3 seats apart from my chair as there were no more seats available except those that are very near the screen which I didn’t like).  The wife who’s pregnant kept on telling stories from the book of some scenes so her husband can catch up with the story and reacting while saying YUCK whenever Bella kisses Jacob!!! How rude is that?!

Lastly are the employee and activities of SM.   The female security guard of SM kept on walking multiple times throughout the movie and insensitive of the people whom she might  be blocking their sight.  How discourteous!  There was an orchestra playing at SM Activity Center at the time we watched the movie and I mistakenly thought the music was a background  from the movie while Edward and Bella are exchanging sweet words at movie’s ending.  Indeed a very disappointing experience.

With all these frustrations, I told my sister while walking out of the cinema that I wished manners on how to watch a movie were taught in school.  This way, Filipinos will be able to show respect of their  seat mates and all people surrounding them in the Cinema.  Movie houses regardless of location (be it at the Podium, Greenbelt, SM, or elsewhere) will not be the issue then for its the people’s discipline that would matter.

A date with my bestfriend, Grace

May 17 is one of the important dates I always remember.  It’s the birthday of the kindest, selfless and most caring person I know in this planet.  She’s my best friend, Grace.  I’ve known her since I was born and  we practically grew up together.  Today, I spent the afternoon with her to celebrate her birthday which I missed last Monday.  We had a late lunch at Gerry’s Grill.  It’s the only restaurant that we always frequent together (including Riza, our other childhood friend on some occasions when she’s in Pampanga). 

After having full stomach, we watched a local movie with an English title (ironic, huh?) – “You To Me Are Everything” .  It makes me wonder now why our movies are titled in English.  Just for this week,  the two movies I watched  – “Here Comes The Bride” and “You To Me Are Everything” are both in an English title.  What’s with having a Filipino title? 

Grace (I call her Auntie Grace at times for she’s my third degree aunt or Gara when I am about to tease her) – the ever shy person that never outgrew that  behavior. 

We both didn’t have breakfast and lunch and it was already almost 3 PM so we ordered a lot but didn’t finish it all. “Takaw mata at tiyan.” LOL.  Our order of Chicken Inasal.  The chicken was somewhat dry.  I prefer Mang Inasal’s version over this. 

My all-time favorite side dish of Gerry’s Grill – their Pinakbet.  I love how the sauce tastes a little sweet and how the “chicharon” complements the whole dish. 

Sizzling  Sisig Tuna.   For me a Sisig is not a Sisig if it doesn’t have a liver incorporated on the dish.  This dish is delicious in itself but it could have been better if chopped grilled chicken liver was added.  Just thinking of it makes me say YUMMY!

Buko juice or Young Coconut juice.  Very refreshing!  I had a urinalysis (pardon me for saying the  word when I am talking about food…hehe!) and have a positive result 😦  prior to having this lunch so this drink is a heaven-sent for I was about to order plain water which is boring when you’re dining out.

 We opted not to have dessert.  That saddened me because a meal without dessert is not a meal for me. Haha!  I had to discipline myself though because I have an LBM (again, sorry for the word. LOL).

I couldn’t control myself though.  I bought small Lindt mint dark chocolate from SM department store that were on sale (buy 1, take 1) and ate them while doing a little shopping. LOL.

Here’s a teaser of the movie we watched.   It’s a feel-good movie and I can say that being a hopelessly romantic person (hahah!), I was able to appreciate it.  I loved the scenic view in Benguet.  Just don’t mind the high-pitched voice of Marian Rivera and corny lines in the movie.   


Here Comes The Bride…the movie ;-)

I saw the trailer prior to watching the movie and I was excited to watch it for I know it will make me laugh.  Yes, it did on a few scenes. 😦

We didn’t enjoy the movie much.  Even if most people around us were laughing at it, we find the lines corny.  I was disappointed with Eugene Domingo (I watched a play of her with Candy Pangilinan in UP Diliman when I was still in college in early 90s that was soooooo hilarious that kept me laughing all throughout) and I think she can do better than that.  I think it’s with her role though.  Tuesday Vargas (I had the chance to make chika with this lady in the restroom on one of our company’s anniversaries where she was one of the hosts.  Very funny on stage!  But on the restroom, she was so serious…LOL) was funny with her lines.  Angelica Panganiban was good too especially the pole dancing.  Here’s a trailer of the movie.