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This post is for Jinks…TY! =)

Today, I met up with my high school friends, Merve and Roch at SM Clark.  This mall is the most accessible place as most work in Pampanga are inside Clark and that includes mine and Merve’s.

The last time I saw my high school friends was last December after Christmas.  It was Jinks, Merve and I who had lunch together at SM Clark.  Roch was not able to make it as she was nearing her delivery date (she was pregnant at that time).  It seems our friendly dates revolve around SM Clark. LOL. 

Me, Merve and Jinks taken last December at Gerry’s Grill.  To Merve – I indeed gained weight comparing this picture now from the one we had today.  😦

Before we separated ways last December, we talked about meeting in May in Manila to visit Jinks who will be on a short vacation from the US.  This did not happen as we lost track of the date and Jinks didn’t inform us that she was already here. I only received a text message from Merve last week telling me we should see each other since Jinks brought us some make-up for her “pasalubong”. She just left them at Merve’s house and Merve didn’t even see her. To this date, we have no idea if Jinks is still in the Philippines.  LOL. What kind of friends are we, huh? Hahah! 

It’s funny that our group which we named, No Guts, No Glory last High School only chance to see each other at least once in a year during December for exchange giving which is oftentimes requested or planned by Jinks or at times when we get packages from our other friend, Sherrylynne who’s currently residing the US.

Today, we had another reason to meet and this is for the make-up to pick-up.  LOL. Thanks, Jinks for the pasalubong. You know what though, your presence is better than the make-up you gave us.  Feeling lang. Hehe!  Actually, I can’t wait to try them tomorrow before I go to work. 😉

The best friends in the group – Merve and Roch.  It was nice to see Roch after more than two years of not meeting with us.  We know the reason now and I am glad all is well in her life.  😀

Me, Merve and Roch taken a while ago at Pancake House in SM Clark.

Jinks & Sherry, I hope you can go back to the Philippines soon to complete and the NGNG group and hang out together.  I am sure we have so many things to share about.  We’re missing both of you.


The Face Shop products

Aside from cooking and baking, make-up is another passion that’s been in my system since my grade school years.  Having a mom who’s so plain and simple as she doesn’t even bother to put a lipstick or gloss when she’s out is a challenge.  She would not understand the art of being beautiful and the science behind it. Hehehe! Nonetheless, that didn’t stop me in studying this art and growing old with it.

Every now and then, you will be reading posts about make-up as this occupies few hours of my time on a weekly if not a daily basis. 

Today, I would share with you my latest finds. They are all from “The Face Shop” – a Korean brand of cosmetics and skin care products.

Summer in the Philippines this year meant an average temperature of 34 to 35 degrees Celsius (based on the temperature I am getting in the aircon).  I know outside is much hotter and can even reach up to 40+!  With such temperature, we need lots of sunblock.  I bought one from The Face Shop. This has an SPF of 42.  It is not just a sunblock but a make-up primer as well with a natural color.  Just like all sunblock, the sticky feeling is evident when this cream is applied.  The difference though is that when make-up is applied, it seems like the face doesn’t feel any heaviness as compared when regular sunblock is applied.

When I tried the tester of The Face Shop liquid foundation and liked it, I asked for its price and was surprised.  It was only more than P300! I couldn’t believe it for I find it cheap for a liquid foundation.  While checking on the components, I came to the conclusion that it’s cheap because of its packaging.  Yes, the content is housed in a toothpaste-like container, has no box and was just wrapped in a clear plastic.  I prefer packaging to be this simple and not much money put into it so consumers can enjoy great products without sacrificing the quality. By the way, The Face Shop liquid foundation is for people with oily skin who want a not so heavy coverage.

The Face Shop Brightening Rice Water Lip & Eye Make-up Remover.  I love this product so much! It easily removes eye make-up specifically waterproof mascara.  It is so mild and gentle and doesn’t leave an oily feeling.

The Face Shop Dual Lip Care Kit.  It has a tinted lip balm and a exfoliator.  This  product is a must-have.  I especially like the lip balm for it doesn’t give a sticky feeling and it has the right gloss.  Added to that is it keeps your lips a little pinkish for it is a tinted one.  The exfoliator is also a great part of the kit since it slough off dry skin on the lips.