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Curly or Straight? I love my hair!

I saw this cute video from Sesame Street posted on last night and thought of sharing it here.  I remember during my teen years, I would always wanted to have curly hair (well, until now as I haven’t tried permanently curling my hair) but my mother would always contest on it and thus, wouldn’t get what I want.

You see, my hair has always been so straight which I find boring.  I was one of the privileged girls who was blessed with long, silky, straight, black hair and I know it was the envy of anyone who has curly hair in my school then when hair iron and relax/rebond are not yet discovered.  If you will see my classmate’s messages during the end of every school year, it was about compliments about my hair and  keeping it beautiful. What funny messages they are. Hahah!  It was like, that was all I have.  LOL.   There was even a time in my third year high school, when my hair was from a length up to the waistline, I had it cut in short in “one-length” style just right after my ears. Then my classmates and even schoolmates I am just got acquainted with would talk to me and tell me asking why I cut it short and didn’t I regret doing it? Heheh! It has always been like that then.

As the years go by, I don’t find myself  the only one who is blessed with beautiful, straight hair.  Now, women with curly hair, regardless of the degree of coarseness have their options to keep them straight.  Now, even hair stylists (as I am always asked if my hair was rebonded whenever I had my hair cut) couldn’t even distinguish a naturally straight hair to a rebonded/relaxed one.  That’s how great technology is.  🙂

Today, it’s just a matter of choice really.  But, I admire those who still keep their hair as it is and just style it.  I know we weren’t blessed such hair type for no reason at all.  We just have to learn to appreciate it and carry it well.  😀


Toni & Guy hairstyling

If I am in my early 20s, I would take advantage of my age and enroll in classes about fashion and styling.  Now, wishing I could turn back time for I know if my career were  in that path, I would be  one lucky gal this day.  Hahah!

Age doesn’t matter, so they say.   It’s never too late to study and learn, others would tell.   True indeed!  Last year, I studied one “branch” in fashion and styling i.e. Fashion Make-up.   Well, it’s not what I am going to talk about here. 😉

More than a week ago, I woke up with my aunt’s call with no electricity at home and was informed by my mom that it will last until night time.  Got pissed with the news of power failure, I thought of going to the mall.  But then, while having brunch, I realized my aunt might be indirectly asking me to accompany her daughter in a salon where she could have a digital perm.  So, nothing to do, I traveled to Makati for a fashion purpose. LOL.

I was to meet them at 6750 Ayala Avenue Building where I would have to have my haircut while my cousin, Kat will have her digital perm. This was at Essensuals Toni & Guy.

Katrina before her digital perm.

The hair cut & digital perm process.

Our new hair styles. Nothing much has changed on mine as I wanted my hair to be longer still for I am preparing for a major look soon. LOL.  With me on the pictures are Katrina with her new locks and our super friendly hunk, hairstylist – Jaymarc (if you’re wondering if he’s gay, he’s not…he’s actually married).

Kat and I enjoyed the experience.  Unfortunately, as of this writing, I heard that Kat’s hair straightened and her curls were no longer prominent.  She’s planning on going back to the salon to remedy them which I know would she would be accommodated as spent a fortune for that and the staff are no doubt friendly and professional.

***Hair cut from a top stylist cost P850 while the digital perm cost almost P10,000.

Essensuals Toni & Guy

6750 Retail Arcade

Ayala Ave., Makati City

632-8128002; 632-8128559
Mon – Sat:
9:00 am – 8:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Tony & Jackey for kids

About more than a week ago, my niece, Cheska had to attend a fashion show in SM Pampanga.  Her mom wanted to have hair cut specifically her bangs.  I recommended that she have it at Tony and Jackey at Marquee Mall since I was pleased with their service. She agreed and went there before the fashion show.

Cheska was so excited as this is a different salon from what she’s used to in Isabela.  She was really happy with the outcome.

Before her haircut in wearing a yellow, venus cut, eyelet dress.

Having her hair shampooed in the ergonomically-friendly chair.

Trimming her hair by a Korean stylist.  The guy who trimmed mine in this post is her senior stylist.

The outcome!  Cheska loved it so much and kept repeating “I love this salon so much!” Isn’t she cute?

I thought having a close-up picture of her is enough to capture her new hairstyle.  I was wrong!  She asked me to have a picture taken with Tony & Jackey’s logo.  LOL.  A kid who’s indeed an OC and very particular with details.

Their haircut is now 300 pesos only as compared to the 500 pesos I had the last time I visited them.  The fee is worth it, be it for a kid or an adult.  🙂

Our Korean look by Tony & Jackey

I have been getting bored with my long hair and wanted a different look.  I was considering a haircut and/or a digital perm so, I asked my friend, Nikki which I know can always accompany and support me with such activity and request.  So, last June 2 before I reported to work and which is in time before my niece’s birthday (talking about preparation…LOL),  even if it was raining, we pushed through with our plan of meeting up at Marquee Mall and check the Korean salon, Tony & Jackey.  Even before this was put up in Pampanga, I have read reviews from blogs in Manila of the said salon that perked up my curiosity and wanted to try it then.  Time has been the problem.

It’s a good thing it’s available here now.  Well, we have a lot of Koreans in Angeles City, thus a ready market for them.

Tony & Jackey’s spacious entrance.

Me and Nikki before our transformation. Hehe!  Prior to going to the salon, Nikki wasn’t hundred percent sure if she really wanted to have her hair done.  After seeing the magazine of beautiful haircuts, she immediately gave in!

I love having my hair shampooed here. The chair is soooo ergonomically friendly! It adjusts automatically to where needed.

Nikki’s turn.  You might  notice that I was wearing a robe while Nikki is not.  This is because I had a hair spa done as well which I guess requires to wear a pink robe. LOL

Nikki’s looooong hair now ready to be cut.  The hairdresser is so cool and very meticulous.

Heat as being applied to my treatment.  I like the combination of pink and purple.  So girly! I wonder what colors they use for men. Hahah!

Our new looks.  Do you like them?  Feeling Koreans, huh?

I had a funny feeling in this salon because while all salons I’ve been to , after the haircut and blow dry, hairdressers would straighten the hair.  With this one, the hairdresser used a hair straightener iron not to straighten but curl our hair in less than 5 minutes! So cool! I wish I could do such.

Nikki and I looked like we’re going to attend a party. Hahah!  Seeing the outcome of this, might consider digital perming next time.  🙂

Tony & Jackey

3rd level of Marquee Mall, Angeles City

Haircut: P500

Haircut + Hair spa: P1000