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I am dreaming of this!

It’s raining and all I can think of is food!  What is it with rain that makes us always hungry? Hahah!

First food that came to mind was soup .  And I saw these pictures! Boy, I salivated!  Darn!

So what is this?  It’s Mama Chabeng’s (my sister’s mother-in-law) version of Sinigang na Lechon (roast pork in sour soup) that she served us when we had brunch at their house in Isabela last June.  Our family loves sinigang soup but we always have fish, beef and pork for that dish.  Lately, I have fallen in love with Sinigang na Lechon and Corned Beef  (not the typical sinigang soup we have daily) but haven’t tried cooking them at home.

Hmmm, maybe I should cook this one of these days!

Welcome, rainy season! I hope it will  not end till the end of the year.


Sentro 1771 @ Greenbelt

This actually a continuation of the previous date.  After watching the movie, we walked to the Greenbelt Chapel to pay respect and then checked on some boutiques at Greenbelt  while looking for restaurant where we can have our early dinner.

My sister, Kei was looking for a restaurant that serves Filipino food while I am not in the mood to eat a heavy dinner as I was still full with the lunch I had.  I was suggesting Bizu as I just wanted to buy French Macarons but then Kei was insistent on looking for a Filipino restaurant.

So when we reached Sentro, she got excited as this is where she was thinking to bring us.

What did we order?

This is my favorite.  Tomato Kesong Puti Salad @ 180 pesos.  The dressing was so delicious and the cheese not so creamy.  The croquette cheese was also very yummy while the tomatoes were sweet.  Overall, I’ll give this dish a perfect 10!

Specialty of the House – Sinigang na Corned Beef.  For sharing is at P595  while the solo is at  P310.  I never thought that corned beef can be cooked this way. Well, the same thought I had that Lechon can’t be cooked in the same soup as this.  Very innovative and delicious.  By the way, the soup is customized the way you wanted its sourness.

Dinengdeng (Vegetable Potpourri) on the right @ P220 and Crispy Boneless Trotter at P550 on the left.  The dinengdeng is not that good.  The ones at Ilocos restaurants are still the best.  The crispy  pata is very tasty and the sauce is just right for the dish.  If I am not mistaken, they used a special vinegar for this.

Enjoying the food.

After the meal.  Very full!  We didn’t have desserts as we were all thinking of having Lavazza coffee at my sister’s place.

I will definitely go back to Sentro 1771 for the salad and to check their other dishes.

Sentro 1771 is located at Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City.

My first Frutti Fro-yo experience

My sister, Azha was in Manila while my parents and I were on our way to Manila for a dinner treat at Spiral in Sofitel which deserves another post last week.  She sent me messages that we  have to meet with her  first before we head to the dinner for we need to try this fro-yo which she told me our parents would surely love.

True enough, they loved it!  Our family is addicted to frozen yogurt (fro-yo).  We all had our first taste of this “healthy ice cream” with our very own, Cold Spoon Frozen Yoghurt located at Sunset-Friendship road in Angeles City. Frutti Fro-yo is different however!  WHY? Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Upon entering the place, you get to be greeted by a signage giving you  instructions.  Frutti Fro-yo has 8 different flavors – Taro, Banana, Apple, Peach, Chocolate, Vanilla, Blueberry and Original.

Yes, everyone was excited in choosing the flavors, toppings and syrup.

Look at my father’s face!  Just like a kid who can’t wait to taste his customized fro-yo.  LOL.

I was the last to choose.  My sister suggested I try the Taro flavor and I did.  I also chose the Vanilla and Original flavor.  I don’t want flavors to be mixing so I was careful in putting them on my cup.

My customized Frutti Fro-yo!  I loved the Taro flavor.  I wished it was all that I put in my cup.  The original flavor was sour as compared to Cold Spoon’s and White Hat’s.  The vanilla flavor wasn’t distinct, so I know now what flavor to choose the next time I visit this place.  The toppings were just right.  I love them!  The blueberries, strawberries and mangoes were made of syrup (not the store-bought ones in can).  I added mixed nuts which neutralized everything.  NOW, I am craving!

Did we enjoy it?  Well, just look at the picture below.  Hehehe!

Thanks, Art for the treat.  He spent about 900 pesos for the five cups.  Not cheap though but worth a try!

Btw, did you know that this dessert is spelled with 3 variants?  Often it’s spelled with yogurt, but it can also be yoghurt and yoghourt.   =)

Better than Starbucks?

Okay, I am not a barista nor an expert with coffee as I do seldom drink this beverage.  But lately, I came to love it again.  And yesterday, I had another chance to drink the best coffee I’ve ever tasted so far at my sister’s place.

It’s Lavazza, branded as “Italy’s favorite coffee”.  When I was searching for best schools to study coffee,  Italy came to the picture so I guess that explains why this coffee can be considered as one of the best in the world.

A good coffee though needs a reliable coffee maker. It’s amazing how this little equipment do wonders to coffee.

I was getting excited while my cup is getting full.  I want my coffee though with lots of milk and sugar. Hehe! Told you, I am not really a coffee-drinker.  Nonetheless, with milk and sugar, it’s still the best next to UCC (Ueshima Coffee Company) of Japan and Starbucks of US.

I remember I had a first taste of this coffee and fell in love with it when I visited my sister, Kei in Punta Fuego last April.  This was how my morning was then.  How, I wish I can have all mornings like this but then, there’s no Lavazza at home.  😦

Note:  My coffee is Lavazza in a Starbucks mug.  My blog was still at blogger with the same name.  Just a passing thought – I am still thinking of going back to that site…


Inasmuch as I want to have fresh posts (that is, one that happened during the day) in my blog, due to time constraints and my full-time job, I can’t .

Today is an exemption.  Yay!  So without too much babbling, here’s a story of today.

My mother, my sister (Azha) and her friend visited my other sister, Kei in Makati whom we haven’t seen for more than a month as she was on a holiday vacation to visit her parents-in-law in Spain.  She hadn’t had time yet to visit us in Pampanga as his husband is still busy with work, so we took the chance to meet her while they are in Manila.

We were glad to be welcomed with a delicious lunch that  she cooked.  She was proud of it as she told us she learned the recipe of the Spanish Paella from her mother-in-law.

Kei while preparing the dishes. She doesn’t want to have a picture taken of her so I took this one instead.  She kept on saying she gained weight particularly now that she ate a lot from her last vacation but the truth is she is still as slim as the time she left for the trip.

Her version of Spanish Paella.  It was very tasty but we all made the same comment that the rice wasn’t cooked well.  She told us though that in Spain it is cooked that way.  We never contested that and just enjoyed the dish and loved it!

It’s funny that she wanted us to enjoy the meal she’s serving us,  that’s why while enjoying her Paella, she grilled steak and served it to us with Pimientos and french fries. What a heavy lunch we had!  I regret that I am really having difficulty resisting food now.  So, help me!  LOL

It’s cool that the foods she cooked are far better than the ones we normally have in other restaurants.  Good cooking really runs in our blood. Hehe!   Orange juice and Coffee was served after.  We had Turrones for dessert.

Thanks, Kei for the lunch.  The food and the “chikas” we had compensated my canceled appointment. 😉

Coffee & Chips Ahoy – you’re the “culprit!”

I am wondering why at this time I am still wide awake and doesn’t feel sleepy at all when I woke up early the day before. I have an early shift today and I am already three hours short of my regular sleeping hours.  😦

Until I realized the reason for this!  I drank two strong cups of two different flavors of coffee (cappuccino and mocha)  from our canteen’s coffee machine.  Whew!

It was late afternoon of yesterday when I was feeling cold in the office and I wasn’t bringing a jacket nor a Pashmina.  With such state,  coffee and Chips Ahoy popped into my mind as a snack amid my piled-up work.  Yes, those two are tandem.

Nabisco American Chips Ahoy Cookies, 340g

You can say, I am not a coffee-drinker, though once in my life I became addicted with coffee which I was able to overcome and never did try it again until recently when I discovered coffee goes well with sweets,  a combination introduced by a close friend of mine.  With that, I started pairing it with some of my baked goodies but only one stood out – my Food for the gods.

Without Food for the gods available, as this sweet is only baked when I am in the mood, Chips Ahoy is the answer.  I salivate just thinking of those two pairs.  It took me almost a month to get tired of Chips Ahoy and coffee.  LOL.  The calories have piled up!  No wonder, one pair of  jeans I was supposed to wear yesterday didn’t fit me!

Looking at the picture of coffee above makes me want be a barista now.  Haha! I always want to be someone. Huhu. By the way, those pictures are not mine.  I got the picture of the coffee from this site which will show you more pictures of interesting coffee art so do check them.

It’s funny that I chanced upon this site where I got the picture of Chips Ahoy. There’s a description of this famous cookie that says “Made in America, (Not the Spanish version!), delicious 340g,(12oz),  bags of the delicious Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Cookies.” It makes me curious now on how the Spanish version tastes like.  Hmm, I should request for that as Pasalubong on my sister’s next trip to Spain. 😀

Gosh! I really have to sleep now or else I can’t report to work later.  I am still not sleepy as of this writing and you, coffee and Chips Ahoy are the “culprit” but not for long!

Nite/Mawnin! 😀

Despidida @ C’ Italian

I work in a BPO industry and we’re changing teams/shifts next week.  This calls for different people to work with as others are moving to different teams.

To celebrate the good times we had in the team, my team asked me to join them in a “food trip”, a long overdue plan at C’ Italian in Friendship Avenue in Angeles City.  I have been in this restaurant a couple of times with different set of friends and family.  I even had a double date in its garden while a band was playing and stars are glowing. Romantic, huh? LOL.

Pictures are essential while dining out nowadays.  Especially for me who wouldn’t  want to miss moments and pictures of good food.   So, while ordering and waiting for JB and Jlyn and the food we ordered, I took time to take pictures.  Forgive me for the low resolution of the pictures. I was experimenting on my camera and used the 3200 ISO. LOL.

Our first set of orders –  Panizza Kristina @ P655 on the lower right side and  Panizza Millionario @ P695  on lower left side.   The usual bread and pesto dip was served just like any other Italian restaurants here.  Extra order of Alfafa and Arugula is P99.  You may be wondering what’s on the upper right side of this picture. Well, wonder no more, as that is just my panizza strip filled with alfalfa and arugula, rolled and bitten.  LOL

Spaghetti Con Fruitti de Mare (Fruit of the Sea) @ P590 and  Gnocchi Bolognia @ 750.   It was my first time to try gnocchi so I wondered how it tasted.  I loved it! I want anything starchy and soft and “tomatoey”.  LOL.  Wikipedia says Gnocchi (English pronunciation: /ˈnɒki, ˈnjɒki/; Italian: [ˈɲɔkːi]; N’YO-kee; singular gnocco) are various thick, soft dumplings. They may be made from semolina, ordinary wheat flour, potato, bread crumbs, or similar ingredients. The smaller forms are called gnocchetti.”

Risotto Kristina @ P720.  If there’s one dish that I love to eat in Italian restaurants, it’s risotto.  Told ya, I like anything starchy. My mind is whispering and telling me it’s actually anything carbo. Hahah!  On the right side of the picture are strips of the two panizzas.

Pictures of us.  This is another wonderful experience at C’ Italian. Again, I wasn’t disappointed so are the first-timers here.  😀