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Cheska & Jollibee

I believe all kids from different walks of life in the Philippines love Jollibee?  Who wouldn’t?  Its mascot is famous not only among the kids but of adults as well.  Its popularity is not just in the Philippines where it was born but of the world now.  I don’t know of other nationalities but our Korean friends here like this fast food chain much.  It is our version of Mc Donald’s.  I would not elaborate why because I prefer Mc Donald’s over Jollibee. Haha!

Anyway, this post is about my niece and Jollibee and not the difference between Mc Donald’s and Jollibee.  LOL.  It is amazing how attitude indeed change as years go by.

Look at my niece in picture on her 2nd birthday.  She was so afraid of Jollibee that she wouldn’t want to be near him, thus would hold her dad tightly.

A year after, she’s enjoying moments with  the mascot as she imitates his moves.  Hahah!


Cheska @ 2 yrs old dancing My Humps

Our only niece has just turned 7 last June 6, 2010.  Before I post her birthday celebration which I intend to finish before the month ends (crossing my fingers still…lol), I decided to share on my site the videos my sister (her mom) has compiled of her when she was still a toddler.  I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

She initially wanted to dance the “La Gasolina”  but her mom couldn’t understand what she was saying. LOL. So, she settled with My Humps instead.  This is one of my favorite videos of her. Very cute and funny! Enjoy!

Father’s pampering

This is a “commercial” of the upcoming posts. Heheh!

I just want to share that my father surprised and bought me adobong pusit for lunch today. Isn’t that sweet that he still pampers me at this age with small things I like? Adobong pusit is my all-time comfort food.  You can expect me to eat tons of rice to pair it up with. LOL. Just kidding!

Forget about DIET again! Sigh!

My viand for lunch – adobong pusit. I already ate the tentacles when I remember to take this picture.  Hahaha! Talking about being ravenous when in fact I was full prior to seeing this. LOL.

Happy Father’s Day, Tang!

Today is another special day as the world celebrates the day of one of the most important people in the planet, our fathers.

If you read my blog about Mother’s Day, youou would know that we don’t pass this event as we always celebrate occasions that involves our parents.

So, today is no exception.  Even though four of my sisters were not around and only my youngest sister and I are present to celebrate it with my father, we still tried to make it a happy occasion.  How?

With the contribution of everyone, we bought a gift for him – Bvlgari Aqua and bought and prepared food for a dinner treat at home.

Here’s a picture of him proudly showing our gift.  He loves it much as he’s very fond of perfume. Thus, it’s so easy to find him a gift.

Our family loves to eat a lot so cooking and baking is just second nature. We opted for a take-out of pizza thoughwhich is one of my father’s favorite food instead of making one for time is limited as my sister and I had work today.  I ordered  the Cheezy Volcano and Hawaiian pizza from Pizza Hut.

To complement the pizza, I had ready ingredients at home so I just cooked a simple pasta dish.  A combination of  supposedly olive oil (we ran out at home and stock was in the farm so canola oil was used instead), garlic, a tomato based sauce (for this one we used the Del Monte Tomato-Basil sauce), chili flakes (excess ones we get from Yellow Cab or Xtremely Espresso, LOL), some herbs such as ground oregano, salt and pepper and lotsa mozzarella cheese.  I like the bow tie pasta with this kind of sauce. PERFECT!  My father who’s not  fond of meatless pasta likes this dish much. This is the 2nd time I cooked this for him. The first one was on his birthday last April and he really fell in love with it. Hahaha!

Sweets will never be out of the picture for the Manaloto family.  So to complete the dish I bought ice cream, one  for my father, Vanilla flavor that  is Sugar Free as he has a high Sugar.  The other one for us, well especially for me as Green Tea is one of my favorite flavor for life! LOL.

Lastly, even if I know that he’s prohibited to eating sweets, I whipped up his all-time favorite cake, Peaches and Cream before I reported to work this morning. It indeed made him happy when he saw me decorating the cake with cream and peaches.

Here are some pictures to look back:

My father and I on a speed boat in Pearl Farm on our way to the restaurant for dinner.  Many people say I got my features from him. Do you agree?
@ Brazil Brazil Restaurant in Rockwell. He loves posing for the camera.  My sister Azha got this from him. LOL.
@ Parola Bar in Pearl Farm.  Just like my mother, I am his stylist too. Just thinking of it now, I am my family’s stylist.  Hahah!  They all ask me to buy clothes or complete outfit on their behalf! Anyway, it looks like we got our “kakikayan” from our father.  He would always be the one who would be “maporma”  for an occasion as well as would comment on our clothes or how we look like whether we look good or not while our mother would just be silent or indifferent.
Happy Father’s Day, TANG!  My sisters and I are  proud to have you as our father and very thankful that you have worked harder for us to have a good education and better life that you missed during your younger years.  I bet your father is very proud of you as well.  We hope we get to celebrate more father’s day with you. Thanks so much and we love you!

Pancit of the North

Last June 4 , my family and I traveled from Pampanga to Cauayan, Isabela to attend my niece’s 7th birthday party on June 6.  I took time off from work for more than a week and it was food tripping for me again as travel for me always equate food trips.

In this trip we sampled the two famous “pancit” of the North, Pancit Cabagan of Isabela and Pancit   Batil Patung of Cagayan.

I’ve been to Isabela for about 6 to 7 times and have always looked  forward to ordering the Pancit Cabagan.  This time is no exemption.  It is my first time though to sample the one in Hi-way kitchenette.

The famous Pancit Cabagan at P65.  Cabagan is a place in Isabela  where this pancit is famours for.   A very delicious dish. The signature pancit with chopped “lechon kawali-like” topping and vegetables and egg makes this distinct with all other pancit.  Just like Pancit Batil Patung, Pancit Cabagan is also served with chopped onions to add to the dish.

My Aunt Melda’s family sampling the pancit.

We went to Sta. Ana’s free port (post about that soon) too when we traveled to the North.  Sta. Ana is in Cagayan and Cagayan is famous for its Pancit Batil Patung. So while in Cagayan, specifically Tuguegarao, we had to make room for their Pancit.  My brother-in-law, Mon grew in Isabela and Cagayan and he knows places where to find the best food.  He brought us at Gretchen’s, unfortunately it was already closed as it was already past 9 PM that time.

So we just checked on other opened restaurants serving such.  Eyyahyyo (wondering where the name came from…sound Japanese to me. LOL) is the one that caught our attention which is located along the hi-way.

We were first served this dish at  P50 only! I couldn’t imagine how they profit from this as the pancit is loaded with toppings – chicken liver, meat, chicharon, vegetables and egg.  Note that fried egg is on top of this dish.

We were also served this that goes with the pancit.  Unlike Pancit Cabagan, the onions given to us are the red ones. I am not sure if this is really a difference but I prefer this over the white onions for both pancit. I love how the onion’s distinct flavor complements it.

Finally, we get to eat our Pancit Batil Patung as “Batil” was already served.  It was called Batil Patung because of the egg.  The dish is served with a “binatil na itlog” which is the picture you see below and “patung” because the egg is put on top of the pancit.  Interesting, huh?

Now? How do we eat it?  You put the onions and calamansi together.  You could even add soy sauce and spices if you want to that mixture and then add it to the pancit.   The soup is eaten  with it.  We mistakenly thought we will pour it over the pancit though. Hahah!  Eating should be fast so food is still hot until the last bite.

It’s a big serving and we all didn’t finish it as we were still full from our late lunch.  Had not been the case, I know we would have enjoyed this pancit much.  Below is my cousin’s John who’s excited to eat all of it!

Aunt Melda who paid for all it.  It’s a very cheap food. The one that were were served is even the special one.  People from Cagayan are very lucky to have this dish.

It’s sad that I didn’t enjoy mine even if there was enough chicken liver for me to eat as I was still full (next post will tell you why).  The next time I set foot in Tuguegarao, I’ll make sure I have an empty stomach to enjoy this.  My parents below liked it but didn’t finish the big servings.  By the way, we were surprised that the owner told us other would even get a second to third serving of this dish! I wonder how big their tummies are.  Hahah!

“Pasalubong” from Vietnam and a Treat

Last June 3 at around 7 AM when I was starting to get my sleep (I worked from a night shift  on that previous night), I heard loud knocks from our main door and shouts of  my name.  My sister Azha (Maritza) has just arrived from Vietnam to attend my niece’s birthday party which was to happen in the next 3 days.  She was calling me to open the door for her.  Well, I was the only one at home so I had no choice but to get up and open the door.

It’s a good thing my disturbed sleep was compensated with her luggage bag’s content.  All sweets and nuts and Vietnamese coffee which I all love!  THANKS!

Nut & Coconut Nougut.  Haha! Rhyming…

Noodles.  Azha brought different flavors.  I prefer the spicy one.  This one tasted like our “Tinola”.

Cashew nuts with honey.

Nescafe Vietnamese Coffee.  I love it!

Sesame seeds. One of the seeds I love in this world. 🙂

More sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, peanuts and cashew.

More candies…

and peanuts…

and more sesame seeds…

and MORE pasalubong for me to come hopefully! LOL

The following day she invited me to go shopping.  We were supposed to go to Marquee Mall but was running out of time as it was already late afternoon and she and her boyfriend, Art will be traveling to Isabela that night while I and my sister, Mylene will be baking the cakes and cupcakes that we will be bringing to Isabela the following day.  Talking about cramming again. LOL.

We decided to go to SM Clark instead.  While at Plains and Prints checking on some dresses, my youngest sister, Mylene and her boyfriend, Lucky arrived in the boutique and we were surprised because both boyfriends were wearing Astro Boy shirts! I can’t imagine my “future” boyfriend wearing such. Hahaha! Oh well, unless he is in his 20s which I doubt will happen. LOL. What’s with Astro Boy anyway?

Lucky and Art in their Astro Boy shirts. Be the judge and tell me who wears it better. Hahaha! Just kidding.

Azha trying a Plains & Prints dress.  I tried this same dress at Marquee mall to purchase for another sister but the size may not fit her so I didn’t buy it.  I asked Azha to fit  it. She looks good on it. Unfortunately, they don’t have her size.

Mye & Azha

Me & Azha. We all love Buko Express.  That deserves another post. 😉

Azha trying a fashionable pair of Parisian shoes.  She loves it but she already bought a new pair of shoes in Celine so “regret” just fell on her. Sorry for you. Hehe!

We ended up at Gerry’s Grill for our dinner.  My camera gave up so no pictures of food were taken. :p

Monica/Cheska is turning 7!

How time really flies fast!  I got this tag on my Facebook account and my first and only niece, Monica Francesca  is celebrating her 7th birthday soon! It seems like it was only a few years ago  where I was on a few days of vacation in Isabela and I was cuddling this baby that would not stop crying in the middle of the night while her mom started crying as well.  Talking about postpartum depression, huh?

I don’t know how and where it all started but here in the Philippines (Filipinos love celebrating), a kid’s 7th birthday is a big deal.  It’s like a 1st birthday party or a debutante party for girls.  Parents start to prepare months before the celebration.  My sister is no exception to this.  A week would not pass by asking me for suggestions or ideas on her daughter’s upcoming birthday and this was like 6 or 8 months ago. LOL.  Even the theme of her party has changed from a princess to  Hawaiian to masquerade and finally to a winter wonderland theme in June!  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it will not rain on that day.

On top of my regular nine-hour shift full-time job, this party will keep me busy the coming days as I will be making the decorations on her birthday cake as well as for a christening cake for a party I will be attending this Saturday where I will be a godmother for the nth time.  I love to be such especially if it’s a child of a close friend.  I hope I’ll find time to blog still despite of little time. 😀