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the kids in us…

Last night after my shift, my sisters, our friend and I had a date.  We all met up at SM Clark around 8 PM.  It’s easy for my youngest sister and I to go there as we are both working in Clark.  We planned on watching the last full show of “Here Comes the Bride”.

On our way to the cinema, we passed by “World of Fun”.  Manel and Tin “nagged” me and Mye to try a game/ride at World of Fun. They told us we would enjoy the experience and that it’s somewhat similar to Rialto in Enchanted Kingdom.  Oh well, Mye and I both gave in after being “pestered” by them. LOL. 

 Mye, Manel and Tin while waiting for our “ride”. 

Mye with our mini rider.  There was a couple inside before us.  Can you see the guy’s hand in the rider?

It was our turn! We need to wear seatbelts. It was as if we’re going somewhere farther. Hahaha!

 Yay! The game and ride was about to start.  We chose number 3 which is a Space Roller Coaster.  It was fun indeed for I have a partner who kept shouting! Haha! The ride could have been better and more realistic though if I was not seeing bright light on my lower left side from the outside.

 On another story, since I am talking about games and being kids, last year my colleagues and I went to an off-site team building and went crazy over Lazer Xtreme in Market! Market! in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

 It was cool seeing the leaders in their vests and laser guns.  LOL. This group was my team’s enemy. 


My group.  There was a father and son who joined our team and they were good so we WON! Yay! There was no price though. 😛

 I love this game! It is a great way to really lose weight. Look at all our hair! They were a mess after so much perspiration from running and fighting even if the whole gameroom is fully airconditioned.  This is a must try for groups having team building or for friends who just want to go bonding.  It’s a lot of fun because there are times you get confused on who your enemies are. Hahah! 

Credit:  Lazer Xtreme photos are from Joy’s camera.


New inspiration

Now, more than ever I should be more inspired to work out.  I just purchased this cool pair of rubber shoes and it fits comfortably on my feet. Its color is also one of my favorites.  That actually is what caught my attention and decided to buy it.

I am not into sneakers nor rubber shoes. I am surprised that this pair is already my third buy for the year. My justification for each purchase is for me to lose weight.  Let’s see if this last one will be justified.

Rubber Shoes and Body Sculpture.  I should be fit by February as I heard my sister’s wedding will push through on that month.

Can’t wait to start running tomorrow!