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Goodbye, WordPress!

I am moving my site back to Blogger – so I’ll be more in touch with my blogger friends.  I’ll keep this site for a few more days and will delete it permanently for I can’t figure out how to redirect it.  😦

Thanks much, WordPress for the months you shared with me.  It’s a memory worth remembering for. Hehe!



The Internet and I

I must admit I am addicted to the Internet. I spend most of my spare time online  to read blogs  and do surfing which brings me to numerous articles or stories that I read until my eyes tire.

My days are usually like that until I decided about 2 weeks ago to minimize my online hours.  Because of this, I had to do away with blogging.

Inasmuch as I would like to stay away with it for I know better things can be done offline such as watching TV/movies, reading books or cooking or baking,  I can’t anymore.

I miss writing and documenting anything about me or people or events surrounding me.

So, I am back! I will be posting more often now even if it requires me to stay long hours hooked to the Internet…

Blogging before 12 AM

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that I have some short, random posts and that I often mention I want to have one daily.

I laugh at this for it makes me I compete with time just to make a post everyday.  Sounds weird? It’s indeed weird. Hahah!  Just sharing this now, makes me smile about it.

Okay, enough of babbling. Let me tell you why.

I often work in a late afternoon shift and arrive home at around 11 PM.  So that makes me rush and go online immediately to be able to have a post for the day before the clock ticks at 12 AM.

Tonight is no exemption.  I am about to post a different topic but when I saw the time, I know I can’t make it before 12 AM  and uploading pictures may take so much time.  So here I am just sharing my thoughts.


Is blogging getting into my system now?

It has been more than a month now since I started blogging at WordPress. I still can’t believe that this is my 23rd post in May and 27th post since April 20, the date I created a WordPress account.  What I can’t believe more is those number of posts are almost twice the quantity of posts I had since I started blogging from another site in December 2008!  Improving, huh? LOL.

I guess blogging is now becoming a part of my daily routine as eating is. Haha! Just kidding.  I still prefer eating over blogging but I can blog while eating. :p

With that said, I hope readers of my blog who are mainly my family and friends are enjoying my posts as much as I enjoy writing and sharing them.  I am looking for more posts and I hope you are too.  Thanks for the time you’re wasting. Hahah!

What kept me busy the past two days?

I miss my blog! I haven’t accessed it for two days as I was busy.  This week, I was trying to have a post daily and have been successful until Wednesday.  Unfortunately, my shift at work last Thursday ended at 11 PM and slept early so I missed one. 

Same goes with Friday.  I was up the whole day and night of Friday and early day of Saturday. It was a “cramming” & busy day as I was finishing 15 giveaway cakes for the godparents of my friend, Honeylette’s daughter Samantha Sage.  I was asked to be a godparent and in turn gave a Christening cake for Sage as my gift. 

Here are the pics of the day/days that kept me busy.  I had fun doing all of them.  Do you see the square fondant cake in the middle?  That’ for me. 😀

The giveaway cake for the godparents.  The flavor was Food for the Gods which made the cakes heavy as it was loaded with dates walnuts.  Size was 4 in x 3.5 in.  Sage’s parents’ wedding motif was pink and yellow – the favorite colors of the her mom. Thus, this was requested to be added on the cake for the design. 

Another color variation intended for the “ninongs”.

Up close .  There are still a lot of flaws.  Oh! By the way, this is my first attempt of doing a fondant cake! I studied cake decorating about 10 years ago but I seldom apply fondant to my caks.  So you see now, I still need a lot of practice. Cake is Chocolate Pound cake and is disappointing. I tried a new recipe I found online and even with so many reviews, it didn’t taste as what I expected.   It is good for a fondant cake but the taste I don’t prefer. 

The booties – I enjoyed doing and decorating them. 😀

Lastly, the supposedly baby blocks, check this that I should be using as part of the cake table were forgotten.  A sign of getting older.  😦

Blogging again?

December 11th of 2008, I decided for the nth time to blog again and as expected, I did not post regularly. This is my last try that I hope would record my experiences and feelings at the moment. Let’s get started!

Btw, here’s a link of my old blog –