Happy Birthday, Apu!

Today is my paternal grandmother’s (apu) 79th birthday.  There was  a small celebration of food that was bought by  her grandchildren.

My grandmother, Apung Biling is a great cook.  As a kid,  I would watch her cook everyday.  She was my mentor for my mother is not into cooking.   Being the eldest in the family, I was tasked to prepare meals daily.  Thus, at an early age of 9,  I asked my grandmother to teach me how to cook “Torta” (ground pork with potatoes, carrots and green peas sauteed in oil, garlic, onions, tomatoes and achuete extract) from scratch.  The result was a delicious dish that I was proud of at that age.

From then on, I would always sit next to her while she concocts different dishes particularly during fiestas. Her specialties are Kare-Kare, Caldereta, Tamales and Kalamay to name a few.  I inherited this for I know without her techniques and teachings, I wouldn’t able to cook delicious meals these days.

Aside from cooking, I know my sisters and I got the “kakikayan” from her.  I was able to convince myself this was true when we had our first and last trip with my grandmother to Davao two years ago.

While traveling, she was wearing heels, while I was with flip-flops even if she was having difficulty walking on them. Hehehe!

Doesn’t she look “kikay” here?  She’s wearing a maxi dress!

She’s brave enough to hold and wrap this snake around her body when all of us including men in our family didn’t try it.

The two of us.  Check the way she stood and held the kikay bag I gave her.
It’s sad that she can no longer walk since she had a stroke last year.   With that, she also lost weight.  Look at her picture now.  She was to attend her brother’s funeral march on this picture and I “prettified” her for I know she’ll enjoy it which she did.
Happy Birthday, Apu!  I know you have few years left in this world but please wait for me to get married and see even one great grandchild from me. Heheh!
    • dai
    • October 21st, 2010

    Ate marj,

    Mengilid ku luha… mkamiss ya e apu..great job te marj! love you:)

    • wapen eh! makamiss ya apu kantang makalakad ya pa. love you din, dai! ingat kayu ken. 🙂

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