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Got an eyebrow issue? Go to Browhaus then.

“The eyebrows form but a small part of the face, and yet they can darken the whole of life by the scorn they express.”

–    Demetrius (Phalereus) quotes (Athenian orator, statesman, and philosopher, 350-280bc)

Nowadays, we have a lot of choices to change the way we look.   One major transformation that most people take for granted is the grooming of eyebrows that drapes  our windows of  our souls.

A different shape of eyebrows or a different color could make statement on our face.  So, with Kat’s new hairstyle, I brought her to Browhaus in Serendra to match her new look.  I have read this new “beauty place” before on one blog that I follow and thought of checking it one time though not of thinking of myself as I am glad I don’t have much issue with my eyebrows.  But after checking this place and seeing Kat’s new brows, I am now considering it for my “eyebrow dyeing”.

The process – 1) Organic dyeing was put to Kat’s eyebrows (the color would last for a month) ; 2) After 15 minutes of waiting for the dye to sink in her brows, it was now time for threading ; 3) Lastly, the drawing of her brows (this would last for 2 weeks)

Her new look!  Isn’t she pretty with her new hairstyle and eyebrows?  The dyed and groom brows softened her features.  Btw, she spent about P1500 for this which includes threading of her upper lip as well.


2nd floor Serendra Bonifacio High St. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

phone: 901-0597

4th floor Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center, Makati

phone: 501-3998.


Toni & Guy hairstyling

If I am in my early 20s, I would take advantage of my age and enroll in classes about fashion and styling.  Now, wishing I could turn back time for I know if my career were  in that path, I would be  one lucky gal this day.  Hahah!

Age doesn’t matter, so they say.   It’s never too late to study and learn, others would tell.   True indeed!  Last year, I studied one “branch” in fashion and styling i.e. Fashion Make-up.   Well, it’s not what I am going to talk about here. 😉

More than a week ago, I woke up with my aunt’s call with no electricity at home and was informed by my mom that it will last until night time.  Got pissed with the news of power failure, I thought of going to the mall.  But then, while having brunch, I realized my aunt might be indirectly asking me to accompany her daughter in a salon where she could have a digital perm.  So, nothing to do, I traveled to Makati for a fashion purpose. LOL.

I was to meet them at 6750 Ayala Avenue Building where I would have to have my haircut while my cousin, Kat will have her digital perm. This was at Essensuals Toni & Guy.

Katrina before her digital perm.

The hair cut & digital perm process.

Our new hair styles. Nothing much has changed on mine as I wanted my hair to be longer still for I am preparing for a major look soon. LOL.  With me on the pictures are Katrina with her new locks and our super friendly hunk, hairstylist – Jaymarc (if you’re wondering if he’s gay, he’s not…he’s actually married).

Kat and I enjoyed the experience.  Unfortunately, as of this writing, I heard that Kat’s hair straightened and her curls were no longer prominent.  She’s planning on going back to the salon to remedy them which I know would she would be accommodated as spent a fortune for that and the staff are no doubt friendly and professional.

***Hair cut from a top stylist cost P850 while the digital perm cost almost P10,000.

Essensuals Toni & Guy

6750 Retail Arcade

Ayala Ave., Makati City

632-8128002; 632-8128559
Mon – Sat:
9:00 am – 8:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

I heart Jason Statham!

Jason Statham - 2009 SpikeTV's Guy's Choice Awards - Arrivals

image from—arrivals/p/30257/88/

After watching The Expendables, I am more than convinced I heart Jason Statham. Hahah!  While typing this, a smile drew my lips as I have never felt “kilig” (this emotion is no longer appropriate for my age…lol)  for a long time since Brad Pitt during my college years.  Nonetheless, age is just a number, so allow me to feel this current state of euphoria. 😉

I’ve watched Jason Statham on Snatch, The Transporter, Transporter 2 and Italian Job to name a few of his movies but seeing him again at  The Expendables make me realize I really do like him.  He’s got this cute charm on his last movie. Lol.

He’s so sexy! I love him in suits or in casual. Feast your eyes on the following pictures. Hehe!

photo from

photo from

Jason Statham Is A Snazzy Dresser!

images above are from

photo from

As we grow older, our tastes in things change.  I prefer action flicks or feel good movies.  So, it looks like I will have my ever first time collection of movies – Jason Statham’s movies now that is. I am excited!

By the way, he has never been married but “since April 2010, he has been datingVictoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.” – from Wiki of course. 😀

Sentro 1771 @ Greenbelt

This actually a continuation of the previous date.  After watching the movie, we walked to the Greenbelt Chapel to pay respect and then checked on some boutiques at Greenbelt  while looking for restaurant where we can have our early dinner.

My sister, Kei was looking for a restaurant that serves Filipino food while I am not in the mood to eat a heavy dinner as I was still full with the lunch I had.  I was suggesting Bizu as I just wanted to buy French Macarons but then Kei was insistent on looking for a Filipino restaurant.

So when we reached Sentro, she got excited as this is where she was thinking to bring us.

What did we order?

This is my favorite.  Tomato Kesong Puti Salad @ 180 pesos.  The dressing was so delicious and the cheese not so creamy.  The croquette cheese was also very yummy while the tomatoes were sweet.  Overall, I’ll give this dish a perfect 10!

Specialty of the House – Sinigang na Corned Beef.  For sharing is at P595  while the solo is at  P310.  I never thought that corned beef can be cooked this way. Well, the same thought I had that Lechon can’t be cooked in the same soup as this.  Very innovative and delicious.  By the way, the soup is customized the way you wanted its sourness.

Dinengdeng (Vegetable Potpourri) on the right @ P220 and Crispy Boneless Trotter at P550 on the left.  The dinengdeng is not that good.  The ones at Ilocos restaurants are still the best.  The crispy  pata is very tasty and the sauce is just right for the dish.  If I am not mistaken, they used a special vinegar for this.

Enjoying the food.

After the meal.  Very full!  We didn’t have desserts as we were all thinking of having Lavazza coffee at my sister’s place.

I will definitely go back to Sentro 1771 for the salad and to check their other dishes.

Sentro 1771 is located at Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City.

A Monday date with my family @ Greenbelt

Yesterday, I got another date.  This time it was with my father, mother, my two sisters – Kei and Manel and Manel’s friend, Tin (who is considered part of the family as she’s always with us on any of our family events…hehe).

We watched Expendables at Greenbelt 3, Cinema 5 at past 2 pm.   Prior to that,  we had a heavy lunch at my sister’s place which is just a few minute walk from the mall.

Kei bought us something to munch at the movie house even if we were still full .  There were not much choices near the cinema so we settled @ Muscle Beach where popcorns and lemonades are sold.  She bought popcorns and lemonades of course.  I got the Lime flavored Lemonade (isn’t that redundant? lol).  It was too sour for me.   Popcorn doesn’t go well with lemonades as I expected.  It will forever be popcorn and Coke for me.  😉

My parents while waiting for our orders.

We all liked the movie especially my father as he is fond of action flicks.  I remember when we were younger, my sisters and I used to watch Rambo movies with him and we enjoyed them a lot.

Here’s the official trailer.

And for more information about the movie starring and directed by Sylvester Stallone, you can check Wiki here.

A birthday treat of a childhood friend @ Siam House

Yesterday, my childhood friend, Riza gave us a birthday treat.  She surprised me and my other childhood friend, Grace by telling us she’s in Pampanga and would want to go out with us.

So, we gave in and went to have lunch out at one of my favorite restaurants in Angeles City, Siam House.

Siam House is a Thai restaurant that serves authentic Thai food since the owner/chef is Thai (as I heard).   I have been to this place a couple of times and never have been disappointed.    Though the ambiance is not the typical well-decorated, lit and air-conditioned dining place, this restaurant gives a “homey” feeling for its “kitchenette” look.    Anyway, what’s important is we get a clean place, friendly staff and delicious food that we get value for our money.

There are two beverages that I always order from this place.  One is the Thai Iced Tea which is shown on the picture below.  Another one is their Tamarind juice which comes in a can.  You should try both for the experience (since some are not really into this type of drinks, my friend is one who didn’t like the taste of the Thai Iced tea).

On the upper right of the collage is the TomYam soup in coconut milk . We chose seafood for this one.    I love how the  milk blends well with all the Thai herbs, vegetables and seafoods.  Very delicious!

For the appetizer the “birthday lady”  recommended the Chicken Salad which is my a first try for me.  I super love it!  I ate it with fresh cabbage.  The salad is a mixture of ground chicken breast, red onions, Thai herbs and a sauce that’s spicy and sweet.  YUMMY!

For our main dish, we had the famous “Bagoong Rice” (left picture).  I forgot all the Thai names so I would just be telling them in English.  This is my favorite dish.  You can eat it as it is.  Why?  Just check the toppings on the dish.  It has a flavorful pork, prawns, scrambled egg and sliced green mangoes.  Fulfilling!

On the upper right of the collage is Prawns in Red Curry sauce.  It’s tasty and creamy but it’s not something I will order again.  Check our local eggplant (circle variety) that were diced and the green circles which resemble green peas.  They are actually called Thai eggplants!   They are somewhat spicy and taste like peppers.  Great combination huh?

The last on our meal is the Seafood in Basil.  I like the simplicity of the sauce and the taste of the basil.  Well, basil is on the herbs that I love.  Be it, the Thai variety or the Italian ones.

The birthday celebrator with me and Grace.

From Siam House, we headed to SM Clark and ended our date at Divas Kaffe.  I ordered Green Tea Frappe to compare it to that of Starbucks.  Not disappointing.  The taste actually comparable but I will still go for Starbucks.  Hehe!  I forgot to ask Riza on how she paid for the drink so I can provide detail on this.

The dishes we had were mostly priced at 180 pesos and I can say not bad as we left the restaurant very full.

Thanks, Riza for the treat and belated happy birthday again!  😀

***Siam House is located  along Fields Avenue in Angeles City.

My first Frutti Fro-yo experience

My sister, Azha was in Manila while my parents and I were on our way to Manila for a dinner treat at Spiral in Sofitel which deserves another post last week.  She sent me messages that we  have to meet with her  first before we head to the dinner for we need to try this fro-yo which she told me our parents would surely love.

True enough, they loved it!  Our family is addicted to frozen yogurt (fro-yo).  We all had our first taste of this “healthy ice cream” with our very own, Cold Spoon Frozen Yoghurt located at Sunset-Friendship road in Angeles City. Frutti Fro-yo is different however!  WHY? Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Upon entering the place, you get to be greeted by a signage giving you  instructions.  Frutti Fro-yo has 8 different flavors – Taro, Banana, Apple, Peach, Chocolate, Vanilla, Blueberry and Original.

Yes, everyone was excited in choosing the flavors, toppings and syrup.

Look at my father’s face!  Just like a kid who can’t wait to taste his customized fro-yo.  LOL.

I was the last to choose.  My sister suggested I try the Taro flavor and I did.  I also chose the Vanilla and Original flavor.  I don’t want flavors to be mixing so I was careful in putting them on my cup.

My customized Frutti Fro-yo!  I loved the Taro flavor.  I wished it was all that I put in my cup.  The original flavor was sour as compared to Cold Spoon’s and White Hat’s.  The vanilla flavor wasn’t distinct, so I know now what flavor to choose the next time I visit this place.  The toppings were just right.  I love them!  The blueberries, strawberries and mangoes were made of syrup (not the store-bought ones in can).  I added mixed nuts which neutralized everything.  NOW, I am craving!

Did we enjoy it?  Well, just look at the picture below.  Hehehe!

Thanks, Art for the treat.  He spent about 900 pesos for the five cups.  Not cheap though but worth a try!

Btw, did you know that this dessert is spelled with 3 variants?  Often it’s spelled with yogurt, but it can also be yoghurt and yoghourt.   =)