Some delicacies and sweets of the North

Food has always been my company especially when I travel.  I am an adventurous eater so I love varieties.  During my travel to the north, I sampled different native delicacies though some of them I have already tasted before.

Tupig is very famous in the North. I first tasted this when a friend who came from Pangasinan years back brought some as pasalubong.  I loved it instantly!

Inatata – Ilagan’s version of our “suman” though this one is somewhat similar with “inangit”.

I wasn’t able to get the name of this delicacy as my aunt kept on laughing on what the saleslady told her when she asked for its name.  I guess it’s the way the lady pronounced it.

Bibingka from Claveria, Cagayan.  Claveria is the last municipality in Cagayan going to Ilocos Norte.   Bibingka of the North has a big difference on the bibingka I grew up with.  Theirs is very sticky while ours is somewhat spongy.  Both bibingka are delicious though I prefer the bibingka of Vigan over the one in Cagayan.
The “STARS” of the Northen delicacies…
G & B Buko Pie of Nueva Vizcaya.  This is not the usual Southern buko pie of Laguna for the pie is thin as compared to Laguna’s thick filling.  I prefer this over Laguna’s because even if the pie and filling is thin, it is loaded with shaved coconut as compared to Laguna’s where you can only eat a few shaved ones.
Alcala from Alcala, Cagayan. This candy is their version of “pastillas”.   I love this soooo much!!!  I suggest though that you eat it right away on the day you bought it or a day after, otherwise it loses its freshness.  It can be frozen for days but the taste is as not as delicious as the day it was bought.  This can be comparable with Bulacan’s pastillas that also uses carabao’s milk.

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    • July 7th, 2010

    ang diet marj…

  1. Hehehe! I always forget about diet when I’m talking about sweets. 🙂

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