Our Korean look by Tony & Jackey

I have been getting bored with my long hair and wanted a different look.  I was considering a haircut and/or a digital perm so, I asked my friend, Nikki which I know can always accompany and support me with such activity and request.  So, last June 2 before I reported to work and which is in time before my niece’s birthday (talking about preparation…LOL),  even if it was raining, we pushed through with our plan of meeting up at Marquee Mall and check the Korean salon, Tony & Jackey.  Even before this was put up in Pampanga, I have read reviews from blogs in Manila of the said salon that perked up my curiosity and wanted to try it then.  Time has been the problem.

It’s a good thing it’s available here now.  Well, we have a lot of Koreans in Angeles City, thus a ready market for them.

Tony & Jackey’s spacious entrance.

Me and Nikki before our transformation. Hehe!  Prior to going to the salon, Nikki wasn’t hundred percent sure if she really wanted to have her hair done.  After seeing the magazine of beautiful haircuts, she immediately gave in!

I love having my hair shampooed here. The chair is soooo ergonomically friendly! It adjusts automatically to where needed.

Nikki’s turn.  You might  notice that I was wearing a robe while Nikki is not.  This is because I had a hair spa done as well which I guess requires to wear a pink robe. LOL

Nikki’s looooong hair now ready to be cut.  The hairdresser is so cool and very meticulous.

Heat as being applied to my treatment.  I like the combination of pink and purple.  So girly! I wonder what colors they use for men. Hahah!

Our new looks.  Do you like them?  Feeling Koreans, huh?

I had a funny feeling in this salon because while all salons I’ve been to , after the haircut and blow dry, hairdressers would straighten the hair.  With this one, the hairdresser used a hair straightener iron not to straighten but curl our hair in less than 5 minutes! So cool! I wish I could do such.

Nikki and I looked like we’re going to attend a party. Hahah!  Seeing the outcome of this, might consider digital perming next time.  🙂

Tony & Jackey

3rd level of Marquee Mall, Angeles City


Haircut: P500

Haircut + Hair spa: P1000

  1. Oh how much I love our new hairstyle!!! Of course, I’ll support you in anything “kakikayan” haha I really had a good time with you!

    Sassy look for both of us! Cheers!

    • It’s not just “kakikayan”, right? It’s anything goes with us be it food, beauty and travel and many more. 😀

  2. Loved the transformation! My sis went back last saturday because the VP of Tony And Jackey texted my sister and informed her that they’re giving out 20% discount so, my sister had her hair dyed and I must say, I’m planning to have my hair colored too! Oh and their Haircut is now at 300 Pesos!

    • Thanks, dearie. Yes, they always give discounts and inform you via text. Cool that we have more reasons to be prettified now that their prices went down. I can’t wait to see your new look too. 🙂

  3. i love the curls! you are both beautiful!

    • Thanks, Aids! Haven’t seen you lately. I heard you are in the morning shift now. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Heheh!

  4. some hair straighteners that use chemicals are very harsh to the hair, that is why you should be careful with those “`”

  5. tanong lng po.pwedi pu bng magpgupit mga boys jan???

  6. meron din pu b d2 sa pampanga?

    • Yna
    • December 29th, 2010

    * Nikki and I looked like we’re going to attend a party. Hahah! Seeing the outcome of this, might consider digital perming next time. 🙂 *

    wait, so that isn’t digital perm? sorry, i didn’t get what you meant. haha. I’m planning to have my hair digital perm-ed there din kasi e. and i’m looking at people who had done it na. 😀

  1. August 15th, 2010

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