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Bale Dutung – the reception venue

When my sister announced her civil wedding would be held in our town, the first thing she asked me was where we’re going to have lunch after the ceremony.  We thought of two places – Yats & Bale Dutung.  She checked on the menu of both dining places and because of my persuading and their “5 ways of  serving lechon”, we decided to have it at Bale Dutung.

Bale Dutung  (Pampango term for house of wood) is located at Villa Gloria in Angeles City and is owned by two Kapampangans – renowned artist/chef , Claude and his wife, Mary Anne Tayag.  Claude himself cooks the food while Mary Anne takes charge of the dining service.  A very good tandem. 

I am glad that I learned of this place from food bloggers that I follow as this dining place is a well-kept secret located in a subdivision.  Being a food lover, I totally enjoyed the whole experience of having to taste good food from appetizer, the 5 or 6 lechon dishes down to the desserts and drinks, not to mention the hospitality of the couple. 

I can’t wait on a next food trip on this place.  Sisses, let’s plan another party there. Calling Maritza…  😀


@ Wine Shop in Clark – before heading to the wedding reception

Mikel, being a true Spanish is fond of drinking wine. It’s a must for him to always have a drink in every meal. So our lunch was no exception. He brought us to the Wine Shop in Clark to purchase several bottles of red, white and sparkling wines before heading to the reception place. 
Now, what do I do with a camera on hand and peeps roaming around the shop waiting for the purchases to be completed?  You guess it right. I took pictures of the shop as well as the people inside it who happens to be my family. 😀 









The Wedding

To have continuity on the love story of this blog which is about my sister, Maricar and Mikel, I will have to post the Part 2  – “the wedding”.

June 24th of 2009 marked their civil wedding day. This date was uncalled and unanticipated. 

You see, after the engagement, the whole family got excited as this was the 2nd wedding among the 6 daughters after the first one happened last 6 years. 

Of all my sisters, I guess, because of being the eldest,  I was the one who was more hands-on in helping the soon-to-be bride. Oh well, I just love weddings and I am equally if not more than excited than my sister. 

It started with a lot of magazine purchases to looking for suppliers to making reservations to gown fittings and lastly to printing the invitations which was canceled.  

An accident  happened that pushed back the wedding date slated on November 30, 2008.  Mikel was playing tennis during their Employee Day, if I am not mistaken which brought an injury on one of his legs that took him to wear a fiberglass cast for long.  He was able to walk  again by April of 2009. 

To make the long story short,   because of busy schedules,  the couple decided to have  a much simpler civil wedding instead of the planned church wedding (the family is still waiting though for a church wedding to happen. ;-0). 

 Here are some of  the  pictures of their wedding that took place at Porac Municipal Hall in Pampanga. 

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Blogging again – thanks to Wordpress!

December of 2009, I was excited to continue my blog. The year was about to end and I can start anew. Unfortunately, just like some of my NY’s resolution, blogging is one that was left unfinished.  The first quarter of 2010 has ended and still I haven’t posted a single entry. 😦
I am still basically new in the world of blogging.  So, again, this is another attempt to consistently post my daily thoughts and activities.  Pardon me for being such a procrastinator.  It’s one of the worst attitudes  I have yet to learn to remove from my system.  As a start, by blogging , I could measure if I’ll remain a procrastinator or not, which I hope NOT. 😀
Btw, thanks to WordPress for consolidating my Livejournal and Blogger accounts.  What a good start to enjoy blogging again!  So, wish me good luck. :p