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The Engagement – The story of the much-awaited wedding of 2008 turned 2009 (Part 1)

November of 2007, the same year I told myself to start exploring different places, I convinced my younger sibling, Maricar to accompany me on a birthday trip. She knows the general manager of Pearl Farm Resort then, Mikel Villarde through their common nature of work so I grab the opportunity to ask her to join me for my birthday. Talking about opportunity, huh? Hehe!

So, October 31 of 2007, we were off to Davao with a stopover in Cebu via the Cebu Pacific. 

During that three-day stay at Pearl Farm, I got to discover the non-businesslike side of the Mikel. And on our last night at the Pearl Farm’s Parola Bar while seated on one bench having a drink , Mikel approached me for a serious talk. He told me he found the girl he wanted to marry and it’s my sister! And he’ll do everything for it to happen sooner. He said that with conviction that I knew it would come true. 

Indeed, it was very soon! March 20, 2008, four months after that serious talk , I got a text from Maricar who went back to Pearl Farm with my other two younger sisters telling me she’s engaged! I felt her happiness from her messages at that time and couldn’t wait for the details of her engagement. The pictures will tell the rest of the story. 


A toast after our dinner to celebrate an advance birthday. (Thinking, where’s my partner on that table? Hahah!) 


The preparation – check on the placemats – their avatars in YM! 


Fetching his soon-to-be fiancee (I miss that speed boat! Hehehe) 



On the way to the E-hut (Does Maricar know what’s gonna happen? I bet!) 


Where the proposal took place (In the middle of the sea, so to speak) 



The E-hut – especially made for the occasion (Isn’t it sooooo romantic?) 


The E-couple – look at the ceiling with the avatars again! Sweet, huh? 


The toast of love! Is that champagne? 


The E-ring – does it have the 4 Cs? Hmm, you be the judge! (When’s mine coming? LOL) 



Carpe diem!

I got very busy lately and wasn’t in the mood to update my blog but tonight even if I am a bit tired, I decide to write.

These days, I am in my baking mode, cake decorating to be specific. I enrolled myself in Advanced Cake Decorating course I’ve taken about 5 years ago. It’s a refresher course so to speak. My half-day classes twice a week consume my days-off. And when I am online, I always browse sites where I’ll get ideas of cake and cupcake decorations.

Anyway, that is not what I want to talk about.

After my class a while ago, I decided to go to the mall to meet my sister and watch Transformers 2. However, she called-off the movie date. Nonetheless, since my mind is set to view the film, I pushed through with the plan and watched it by myself.

It has been years since I last went to a cinema alone to see a movie and thought I would never do it again. The feeling I had was still the same as the 1st time I did it. I felt so independent though at the back of my mind I was conscious of what those who see me were thinking (as if they care and they indeed notice me, huh…LOL).

Now that my sisters and most friends are far from home, are married or in a relationship, I know I will be watching alone again as long as I fancy a movie. Chances of having them spend a few hours with me in a movie house is slim when they can watch movies with their husbands or boyfriends.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a loner, but at times, it’s fun to be alone for you to tend to enjoy your own company. It’s one thing I don’t mind being with over and over again. And one day, my dream of traveling alone and exploring another place will happen as well for I know I’ll discover more of myself in such situation.

I would just have to say then – CARPE DIEM!