My sunglasses

When I bought my first expensive pair of sunglasses last 2007 in time for an Asian trip, I told myself to start collecting these pretty lenses that protect the eyes. My first is a Calvin Klein squarish, pink-colored lenses that makes me feel cool when I wear it. I even remember my friend, Honeylette telling me at that time of deciding to buy it that the CK shades is “artistahin” (anyone wearing it will feel like a star) and it’s true for I feel like a superstar of the masses when looking through those lenses. Hahaha! Just kidding!

Me on Calvin Klein’s sunglasses on a bus ride in Macau

My second pair was just bought last February in Singapore. It’s another CK, but this time it’s not Calvin Klein but Charles & Keith. Hehehe! I was just looking for shoes at the time but due to fondness of this accessory if you may call them as such, my feet brought me to the stand where stacks of different pairs of shades caught my attention. On impulse, I tried every pair that I thought would fit my angular face and of course there’s one that got my liking. It’s another tablesquarish one w/ a bit rounded on the sides and it’s plastic.
At Paris Deli in Vietnam with my Charles & Keith’s sunglasses on the table

Now, I am not sure if I can still collect them for I don’t have one to wear as of this time. Why? One is lost this morning, the Charles & Keith on a dermatology clinic – Macarayo’s where I left it on the counter after buying sunblock from her secretary. After going back to the clinic in less than an hour to ask for the forgotten sunglasses, her secretary told me she hasn’t observed seeing one left on her desk! Had I known this would happen, I would have returned the soonest.

The CK is still with me though, however, it’s no longer useful because one of the lenses popped out and can’t be aligned by some optical shops I’ve been to.

I can’t survive the sun without the glasses! So now, either I buy a new one (I’ve actually window-shopped on two brands – Versace & Burberry a while ago but none fits my face) or have the CK fixed hopefully. I do intend to do the latter for my budget won’t allow me to buy a new one for now.

Nonetheless, I will still buy and collect these but I may go for cheaper brands to get the most of fashion as well. Mango or Zara maybe. 😉

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