Vietnamese Food

When I travel, I know I will gain pounds for I don’t limit myself on the food I eat during the trip.

Prior to going to Vietnam, my experience of Vietnamese food was only in a restaurant in Glorietta where I sampled a dish of fresh salad years back.

Imagine my excitement when I laid foot in Ben Thanh market. I saw a number of hawkers inside the market which reminded me of our own San Nicholas market in Angeles City before it was reconstucted. I had difficulty choosing which among the hawkers my tummy will approve of. Unfortunately, my excitement eventually gave me disappointment on the meal I chose and the money I paid for it. Overall though, the other foods I sampled enticed me to go back to Vietnam.

Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls.
Vietnamese coffee that is sweetened with condensed milk. I love it! I tried the coffee in Pho 24 at Powerplant and it doesn’t taste an inch of the one in Vietnam.

Phở with cilantro,basil, lime and bean sprouts

Coffee Ice Cream in coffee sauce. Redundant, huh? Coffee is one of their most sought after products.

Vietnamese vendor selling waffles. So far, her waffles are the best ones I have ever tasted. I guess it’s one of the good things they got from French colonization.

Their version of barbecue.

Fresh Spring Rolls with dip. Even if the herbs inside the rolls are too strong, a distinction of their cuisine, that didn’t stop me to finish all three of these.

Vietnamese Halo-halo with a compliment iced tea. Just like the ones in Singapore and Thailand, they use coconut milk instead of evaporated milk.

Another Pho bought in Ben Thanh market

My first Vietnamese meal – the worst I have ever tasted. It was too oily and spent me almost 300 pesos! What a shame I was fooled and didnt’ get value for my money.

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