Single Ladies

I have in my mind a number of writings I wanted to publish – happenings from the previous months, I promised myself to write about so those people close to my heart have something to read about on what’s in and out of my life. I’ll open this with how I celebrated Vday this year.

When you’re single and Valentine’s day is coming, what comes into your mind? I am a hopelessly romantic person and even being single would not discourage me of thinking about flowers, chocolates, love letters and men seranading those they love even at this time and age. But that’s not what I’ll talk about.

I am glad that I had one remaining single friend, Carel who joined me last Valentine’s Day. She’s now in a relationship status and I am glad that she is. I was supposedly be flying by myself to Singapore last February but she decided to join me so we went to Vietnam as well. Here are some pictures of us together.

Dinner at Pho 24 in Vietnam
War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh
At the Esplanade waiting for dusk to come
Infront of Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon
  1. I can see, you really love food industry :-)btw.nice vietnamese chicks 😉

  2. Next time, it's your turn to be in a relationship status. 🙂 Thanks for the pasalubong!

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