Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) aka Saigon

When I informed my colleagues and some friends that I will be going on a short trip in Vietnam last February, most were surprised and thought on what the hell am I thinking. They told me it’s not a safe place to visit and Vietnamese are not nice people to deal with. Maybe, they still have in their minds the wars that left that country. Hehehe! 


On one site I read, it says that it’s better to visit Vietnam now before it becomes very industrialized. And it’s indeed true. Seeing Ho Chi Minh’s very laid back atmosphere is like being in the Philippines years back which I actually miss. Although this city has de luxe hotels and expensive shops, most of its streets display the unhurried lives of Vietnamese people.
Here are some pictures of Ho Chi Minh taken last February 2009.
Vietnam Dong – value was 1 peso is about 367 dongs w/c made me and my friend feel crazy getting our Peso value when we had to eat and shop. I became a millionaire in this country!
Notre Dame Cathedral
Vietnam’s famous bags and shoes in Ben Thanh market
cute Vietnamese girl and her father
Eels and frogs (like our version of poison frogs) are famous among hawker’s display of live food to be ordered for cooking.
enticing food inside the Ben Thanh market
mamang sorbetero (dirty ice cream)
Motorcycle craziness – even those on formal dresses are up to be on back seats of this vehicle. We witnessed them attending functions in some hotels.


Hawkers at night in Ben Thanh market – taken on Valentine’s day where a number of couples were out to celebrate the event
Other side of Ho Chi Minh where the deluxe hotels and expensive boutiques are located
They have LV! 😉



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