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My Cycle…LOL

LOL. It’s indeed funny that I thought I can keep up with an active blog when I started this one.  I can’t help but laugh at myself while writing this.  I was only able to blog for two days!  How’s that? Is it procrastination or something else? But, fortunately, I was able to post  seven entries.  At least, there’s something to read for.  Haha!

A friend of mine would always tell me I have this CYCLE. One day, I would talk about blogging – how I love to read blogs and have my own.  To write about what’s on my mind and share what’s going on with my life.  I even thought of writing a novel that it made me buy a Tagalog love story book for me to get an idea.  After reading it,  I had a readied plot  for my own novel which just ended there. LOL

Few days later, I would be talking about baking – my dream of having my own bakeshop or specialty/gourmet shop. If I am on this cycle, I would be always browsing Heny Sison, Sylvia Reynoso, ISCAHM, CCA and name it sites for possible short courses to study.  It didn’t stop there for I make it happn and enrol to a number of courses to enhance my current skills.  I am proud though that I was able to sell goodies and even wedding cakes for those persistent friends who bug me to bake for them. 😉

Weeks after,  my mind is preoccupied with photography – how I love capturing great landscapes, expressions of people, etc.  Fortunately though, I didn’t end up buying my own DSLR and enrolling in a photography class which I planned to, mind you.  I just feel nowadays that too many people are into this hobby and I don’t feel like joining them at this time.

Months after, it ‘s all about make-up – me, being a make-up artist.  I would tell my friend how I want all the brides in the world to be very pretty on their wedding day.  I have seen worst make-up on beautiful brides and no editing can do justice to correct it. Haha! It’s like I’m in for a mission.

Those are just a few of the things that go with my cycle. I can enumerate more but there’s only one thing that I know of. It all has to do with ARTS.  And with that I am pretty sure I’ll end up being successful in one of its fields.

Make a guess. What cycle am I in now. 😛