Happy Birthday, Sarang!

Today is the birthday of a CHATTERBOX – my 3rd to the youngest sister, MARICAR a.k.a as Sarang to our immediate family, Kei to our relatives and Koch or Kochee to her classmates and friends.

If one would call me as always confused and fickle-minded, you have to meet her to find the true meaning of those words. She’s the only person who could beat me at that. She would change her decisions every few seconds that at times I often give up talking to her. Hehehe!

She is the most kikay and poised among us. I still have to convince her though to be bold when it comes to fashion and not just stick to the basics.

Kei will always be the family’s 2nd mom. Why? That’s a secret of the family. 😉 She’s dearly missed at home because of that.

When it comes to family, we are not vocal of our praises. But today is an exception as I will be complimenting her.  I’ve been with this gal through her younger years (attending to her ballet lessons, curling her hair and doing make-up in all her recognition days and graduation, except for the one in college where I was her cook for the party) and have seen her grown up into a fine lady – a pretty, smart and intelligent woman (she’s the one behind the WIDUS Int’l and Hotel Vida).

She has to give-up her career though in the name of love. LOL. Does this thing still exist? Well, I guess since she’s confined herself in the mountains of Nasugbu, Batangas!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEI!!! I am and will forever be proud to be your Ate. 😀

  1. November 2nd, 2010

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